The waiting cat

I finished my work for the night and stepped downstairs for supper. Alone in the lift, the melodies of this song suddenly popped up in my head. Don’t know why I thought of Alena. I could not get through her phone tonight. Perhaps her phone card ran out of balance.

I walked past the entrance to my void deck. There as usual was this cat with fur a mix of brown, black and white. Mom used to say this cat might actually be the long lost sister of our Blackie.

Each night she would sit at the front entrance to our void deck. And each night when I called out to her, she would start crying. You would know that this cat was terribly lonely when you heard her cries. It seems she was waiting forever for someone who never seems to come. Perhaps the one she was waiting for is her mom.

Her mom (if she was actually who we think she is) died 7 years ago infront of my door steps, from internal bleeding. She was physically abused by one of her neighbours of whom we have no idea. Blackie was there when she died. He was devastated.I was in Russia then.

If this tabby cat was really waiting for her mom, she would have already waited for 7 years. Her mom will probably never come reunited with her. Suddenly I thought of Alena… Her cries reminds me of Alena’s. Only she is waiting for reunion with not her mom but me in Singapore.

How many times have I made her cry… I thought while sitting there at the void deck stroking this waiting cat. I felt so useless.