On Benjamin Shears Bridge

I hopped off bus 128 into the hearts of Tanjung Rhu. It seemed quite a nice and quiet place over here.

Its turning out to be an interesting day so far. Jumping on and off random buses I arrived at Punggol MRT station. Followed by a long walk I have managed to arrive at Punggol beach. After watching the sun set in the north I headed down south, that was how I arrived at Tanjung Rhu.

I took a walk around the estate and met up with this German lady from whom I asked how to get onto the Benjamin Shears Bridge. She was walking a dog by the name of Shashy when I asked for directions. She was kind enough to show me to where the secret stairways started.

Secret Stair way to Benjamin Shears Bridge

Thus waving her good bye I set off for the bridge.

Up on the bridge, I suddenly feel this sense of space. The wind was blowing, while the cars zoomed by. It seemed I was the only person in this area that was realyl here.

I looked down at the waters way below. It seemed really inviting, just begging me to jump. I wonder how it feels like to jump off the bridge into the waters. It must be such an adrenaline rush I believe.

I recalled my time jumping off the plane in New Zealand. Then again I suddenly recalled how I once jumped off the quarry into the waters in Pulau Ubin a few years back and really got my balls bruised due to a bad landing on the waters.

From such a height, I believe a wrong landing could really get more than just my balls bruised. I remembered some Hong Kong movies where this action star did a similar stunt from the same height and came out with his brains messed up from the impact. Ouch!

All these thoughts about the inviting water below just kept on coming to my mind while I walked along the bridge. It just felt so inviting to take the leap. Suddenly I noticed a motor bike and then another 20 meters away a pair of shoes. Surprised at first I thought it was too much of a coincidence. It cant be that some one else has just did what I was fantasizing about just a few moments ago.

I went closer and took a look at the pair of shoes. Remnants of Mr Chua Chee Wee

It was an interesting pair of shoes. Nicely laid out beside an empty pack of cigarettes. It must have been left here by someone else. He has no longer anymore need for this pair of shoes I believe.

It must be karma that I chance upon this pair of shoes in the most desert part of a densely populated area in town. I dialed 999. He deserved a better resting place than by the side of Benjamin Shears Bridge Just as well, I completed the handing over of details to the police woman who picked up on the other end. The rest was history. I hurried left the place, with goosebumps all over me.

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  1. Gary,
    Thank you for reporting the matter to the authority… however, I am concern about the article and please be kind to contact me…

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