United States Political Scene is Turning into Taiwan’s

Jim sent me an email in the morning with a link to the video.

It is here. In the video was this guy that is attacking a particular US representative of the white house who looks up to Mao Tze Dong.

Curious at first, I took a look at what he had to say. After reading the whole scenario, I am seriously of the opinion that he is simply trying to make something out of nothing.

That representative was seeking inspiration from how Chairman Mao managed to establish a country from a territory that has been encrouched by so many foreign powers.

Truth is, he did screw up terribly with his internal policy after he setup the country. And this is the point that Glenn Beck in the video was driving at.

So basically Chairman Mao was referred to under very different context and really there seem no point reason with his whole big brawl.

I had no idea American politics can be so entertaining until recently. Boy and I thought only Taiwan’s was interesting. Haha