Finally deploying my first Hello World Share point – Merry Christmas

It took me a 12 hours to setup a Windows 2003 VPC with sharepoint installed.

I was face with quite a few detours along the way.

One of the main issues I encoutered was the order in which I tried to install the pre-requisites.

Point to note : The  order in which you install the pre-requisites is VERY IMPORTANT.

This was the order I took that finally worked.

  1. Install Windows 2003 Server
  2. Install Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2
  3. Install Application Server with IIS,, Email Server
  4. Install ASP.NET framework Version 2.0
  5. Install ASP.NET framework Version 3.5
  6. Install Sharepoint

Please try out this order to avoid painfull time wasting detours

So with my sharepoint server finally up. I navigated to http://localhost:80/ using firefox

This translates into my computer at port 80.

I saw my sharepoint landing page.

Next, i thought to try my hands on deploying a ready made sharepoint webpart. To do this I went to

This site has tonns of web parts available for download. Being an idiot for holiday seasons, I downloaded the Merry Christmas web part and followed the instructions there.

Eureka. It worked nicely! Haha.

Next thing I should do it perhaps to write my own. 😛

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