Random thoughts on a Tuesday evening

It was our usual post dinner conversation again. Once again I got both my parents utterly pissed not because of the fact my views differ from them but precisely because my views exactly conincided with them and more than that I brought our shared opinion to its logical conclusion and proved once again that I, myself and all who share the same view as I do are no better than animals.

Seriously if this latter statement of mine holds true then all humans I see around me including me myself are no better than animals beyond redemption or any hope of salvation. Now sitting alone in front of my computer, thinking back to our topic for discussion, I could not help but laugh hysterically at both the utter hilarity of the situation as well as the hopeless of it.

How is it even possible for anyone at all to do good, when chances are knowingly or unknowingly we commit evil by our very actions on a daily basis!

To help but not at the expense of oneself. But then to help is to impose expenses on oneself one way or the other. Then not to help then but to devote onself to become utterly selfish. But to be utterly selfish is to impose oneself as much as possible on one’s neighbour unknowingly even when one doesn’t try.

To love but to at the same time protect oneself. This is not love at all then. Seems more like some scheming calculative game we are playing over here. But look! I play this game all the time. How the hell is it even possible to love?

To devote oneself to acquiring wealth, power and success. But doesn’t wealth, power and success comes at the expense of the same of those around us? Is it not to push other weaker ones out of the way in the process of it? Perhaps deprive them too of life. So are we not murderers now?

We eat 3 square meals a day. (some eat more than 3 too) The world does not have enough food. Whatever food we eat, we eat at the expense of others. Some where in the world some one starves to death precisely because you had your hamburger this afternoon. If you need more details please refer to the butterfly effect. No it is not my fault we may argue. But look it is your fault! Just because you don’t understand how you caused the death of the person beside you doesn’t mean that you are altogether free from crime.

Still I find no answer however much I ponder upon this annoying subject. Damn me and send me to hell then.

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