Reinstallation of Brother HL-2070N Printer driver to improve performance drastically

After being seriously annoyed with the lag in all my programs that allows for a print functions, I decided that today was the last straw.

I uninstalled the existing HL-2070N printer driver and configuration and reset it up once again.

Apparently there were two configuration options available in the installation process.

First option ask for the driver to search for the printer in the network each time it is activated.Good if you dont know nuts about which LAN IP address your printer is residing on. However very painful in the long run since it slows down all your programs.

The secondĀ  option ask that an IP address be specified and driver automatically prints to that IP address each time a print job occurs. This is good if you have already set a fixed LAN IP address for your printer and you do not want performance lag while you are using other applications. This is bad if you know nuts about network and router configurations.

Not unknowing better I choose the first configuration. It was painful every time I print. Now that I feel the pain, I opted for configuration number which is to me very painless.

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