hilarious nonsense and the failure to be classified

It was just past midnight and I was sitting outside club Attica drinking from my bottle of Heineken.

Suddenly, from where abouts I have no idea of, I  popped this question to those two sitting right beside me “have you ever made a green shooting star? ”

They looked at me totally puzzled.

“Green shooting star?”

“Oh Yes! green shooting star” I insisted. Laughing away maniacly at myself.

“What the hell is that?”

“Alrite I am gonna show you later” I replied in my drunken stupor.

Nash soon walked off with looking for chics. His was quite a profitable venture too, he soon brought back two of them. I was by then on the verge of finishing my bottle of heineken.

I finished the last sip from my bottle of heineken, I once again popped the question but this time to the two new comers.

“Have you ever saw a green shooting stars? ”

“What?” they responded puzzled once again.

“Alrite let me show you”

I stood up then and flung the green empty bottle of heinken across to the far side of the river.

“Now you see green shooting stars. Hahahaha!” I burst out laughing incapable of controlling my mirth.

While Nash and this other dude with a cool looking goatie laughed along. Those two new comers looked at me in the weirdest way possible then and walked off.

“Sigh. Some jokes are just too hard to get” I exclaimed and kept laughed away oblivious to everything around me.

Interestingly, this is not the first time. We have this inherent urge within us to classify everything. In a sense, such an act provides us with a false sense of comfort and security in this otherwise anarchical reality of ours. The same thing goes too with our dealings with other individuals whom we see for the first time.

It is generally true for us to harbour prejudices towards a stranger whom we met for the first time. And this prejudice is often based on something external and superficial such as looks, hair style, height, built, race, clothing accessories. It is just amazing how fast we form this prejudice. Our synapses just forms it within the wink of an eye and it suddenly becomes our overriding reality without any concious decision making on our part. This just goes on to show how suggestible we truly are as humans.

On the other side of the coin, take an instance whereby your prejudiced is immediatlely shattered by a strongly contradictory evidence that shortly presents this prejudice is formed. That really leaves you with two options. The first is to simply ignore the new evidences available and go about the current reality that you have already created for yourself. The second is throw what you think you knew of the world out of the window and relearn everything from scratch.

The defining difference between people who choose the second option over the first option, is their level of openness to change. In some literature, this is one defined as one of the main characteristics of a person live a happy and carefree life despite the fact that 2012 and the end of the world might be coming to theaters near you. Haha!

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