A reality check and the discovery of one huge gap

After hitting the recent brick wall repeatedly over and over again, I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I am doing something seriously wrong in the business processes I am handling at the moment (or to such an extent of being absolutely ignorant to the existance of them). The fact I have no idea where I did wrong was extremely frustrating. It is to such an extent I have been lying in bed staring at the ceiling brooding over this matter for countless nights. I will not allow for the possibilities of defeat in this mission of mine.

I came back home from my day outside feeling utterly drained from my committments at work. I unrolled my tatami and laid down attempting to catch a few winks. It was for a lost cause. I tossed & turned and finally gave up on sleeping altogether let the sleep debt accumulate, I will pay my debts at a later date.

I was once again unable to catch hold of Amba to discuss an upcoming project happening on Steven’s side. From the absence of a quotation from their side thus far, I deduced the method in which I choose to draft the requirements did not provide them the level of clarify they needed. I needed to find out the truth for myself.

Pasha arrived at my place. Since his laptop was out for repairs we had to postpone official matters to the day after. We left for dinner shortly and headed over to the beach for a talk. Pasha proved insightful and gave good advice in some matters pertaining to future expansion. In a sense I could always dig his mind for insights pertaining into such matters. I wonder if this quality of his was due to his PHD training or was it due to this quality of his that resulted in him finally finishing his PHD training.

He tried to provide encouragement to boost my morale. I give him thanks for his effort, however what I really needed was not a morale booster, I had no problems in that department. What I seriously needed was honest straight in your face criticism. I needed some waking up, I needed terribly to see the light. In that department though I found no answer, we parted shortly after and I continued brooding on this subject on my way back home.

If there was any consolation from this day, I had at least ensured that matters pertaining to Company A has been delegated to one capable of handling the part of the process it is currently in. All human resources required from now to the end of the entire process has been accounted for.

Company B is one of my worries. Prior to the initiation of the project, I had some reservations about the human resouce allocated to the task. 2 weeks into the commencement of the developement, it was proven beyond a doubt, my initial suspicions were not unfound. Alas, it is now imperative we arrange for another human resource to fulfill the requirements of that role.

Company C is experiencing complications that arose due to miscommunications isses. I am currently pondering on the methodology that will need to be put in place to ensure against such miscommunications in the future. It will be a painful process for all involved. In a sense, buidling a business model is like building a lego block, the integrity of each block must be ensured for the stability of the eventual architecture.

Company D, E and F are in already in the pipeline. I envision the need to enforce the same methodology used in Company C on these three as well to ensure the proper operations.

I arrived home at 2am in the morning, apparently brother was still awake. This night is one of those rare occasions when we talked about work. And then it happened. God is most kind indeed, it offers blessings to those ready for it. I finally got the harsh and yet honest criticism I have been searching high and low for over the past two weeks. From my brother. This is one of those good thing (or bad depending on the situation) about having a sibling who always extremely practical about work and skeptical when it comes to opportunities. You can always trust him to systemtically identify all potential pits falls that will likely exist in an idea, but never ever harbour even the most remote hope of him acting on an idea he comes across however even remotely plausible.

Apparently he has began formal training in that specific branch of knowledge which I have use for at the moment. Even better, I suddenly had the whole framework I so badly needed delivered to me on a sliver platter. Haha. god is kind to he who seeks! (ask and you shall recieve)

Once again, I shall do what I do best , jump right into the deepest end of the swimming pool and start learning how to swim or drown trying. Immersion course, boot camp, crash course whatever you call it.

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