Review of Ektron CMS system and a analogy on the Windows operating system

For the past four weeks I have been working on Ektron CMS400 build This is the copy that is currently available over the internet from the main Ektron site. As with all newly released patches there were a few bugs, some of them were pretty major ones.

Each time I was asked to do a demonstration of the product to prospective clients I was at the back of my mind crossing my fingers. This was especially so when a page started taking more than 30 seconds to load. Thankfully being extremely familiar with such occurrence during my work in the events and entertainment industry, I came prepared with a bagful of magician tricks. Yes, that is right! Direct the attention of the crowd to something else, while I got the w3svc service restarted. While I would leave the demonstration session with the clients quite happy ( and somewhat entertained) with the presentation, I normally have this foul taste in my mouth.

A few days ago, I finally managed to obtain a link to a prior version, the  Ektron CMS 400 8.00 SP1(Build and had it installed. This time it worked like magic. This is truly interesting. In spite of the fact that the version came with all the necessary bug fixes, version without any of the required bug fixes seems to perform better and faster.

Thankfully Build is the build one of our client is using hence I will have no need to worry about the existing bug issues in build Thank God!

There is this chinese saying that seems to apply nicely to this scenario “A ginger that is older is still the spicier one”

Suddenly I occurred to me, inspite the fact the windows operating system has advanced to windows 2008, I am still working on Windows XP. In fact I have little or no inclinations to start working on a latter version unless some new technology I have to work with comes up that requires a latter version of the windows operating system. Even then, instead of messing up my current configuration, I would instead choose to create all the mess in a VPC (virtual pc), where the removal of all these mess is just but a click away.

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