Crazy 28th birthday countdown at 1 Altitude followed by a life time ban from 1 Altitude

It was soon to be midnight and come then I will turn 28. Here I am sitting in the presence of two policemen and a very annoyed bouncer. (he calls himself the head of security for 1 Altitude).

Valerie just came to Singapore again and we agreed to meet up. After bringing her for a dinner of frog porridge and chilli crab,  I brought her to 1 Altitude at the UOB center. The bar was not really interesting, the restaurant was filled with guests from some corporate functions, it was the roof I was most fascinated with. This is the tallest place in Singapore.

Apparently the lady at the entrance of level 1 said the roof was closed due bad weather conditions. But it did not seem like the case at level 62 just beneath the roof. I brought Valerie and merrily walked across the dining area right to the stairway right beside the toilet. While the rooms themselves are private domain, the stairways are public domain free for anyone to enter and exist.

We took a short walk up to level 63 and encountered 2 waitress sitting on the flight of steps chatting away. They stood up and parted for us to walk through. The bar tender tending to the bar at the roof of level 63 let us through as well. So I didn’t think the roof was really that closed. It was open in fact. The 360 paranomical view of Singapore was great!

It was not long before one of the bouncers came and politely invited us to leave the place. Thus we did, this time we took the lift down to level 62. Just when we were about to take the other life from level 62 down to level 63, the HEAD OF SECURITY caught sight of me and bellowed like a man gone mad. So I was escorted into his office, where he started a whole series of verbal abuses which I did not find useful but detrimental to his situation. He thereafter made a call to the police in an attempt to file a complain of trespassing on me.

Meanwhile I requested to be allowed to visit the gents. He got really worked up apparently? Somehow the word gents seems to trigger this really funny reaction on his side. 😛

So I clarified with him, if he will be attempting any of these two things behind closed doors.

  1. Phyiscally assualt me?
  2. Illegally detain me by this basis I meant the deprivation of physiological needs to maintain a proper level of health.

He calmed after a while and got another bouncer to escort me to the gents. It seems he was the only person in this office that was worked up about the whole situation. The other bouncers were absolutely relaxed about this.

Of course the policemen came later and started series a whole questionings. the Head of security for 1 Altitude tried to build a case of illegal trespassing. I meanwhile provided strong counter evidences that the case of trespassing was invalid.

Trespassing will be valid in the two following case :

  1. Entry into private premise from a public domain despite signs about the boundaries of the private premise stating against entry
  2. Forceful entry into private premise from a public domain despite resistance from staff or owner of private premise countering against entry.

My scenario was as thus:

Entry into private premise (the roof level) from a public domain(the stairway) in the presence of the staff of private premise (the waitresses and bar tender) who did not provide resistance against entry. Their action of standing up and giving way to our entry into the roof level could in fact to construed as the act of granting permission to enter in the premise.

Meanwhile I sat in the office of 1 Altitude, waiting for the bouncer to cool down in some other rooms in the presence of the second policemen. Seriously, I think as the head of security he could have done a better job. The security system he had in place to secure the premise of his owner was full of loop holes that could easily be exploited by any hackers (sorry for my use of computer terms in this case, however it seem very applicable in this instance since we are talking about a system).

His choice of location for detaining me was the worst place one could choose from the perspective of security. The office was full of confidential information exposed for uninvited eye. Information such as the contact details of their entire management team, the id and password to connect to their wifi system, the food connosieur they have to told to watch out for.

So after a long long time, the head of security came in with the other police.  I was informed that I was to be banned for life from the 1 Altitude bar. I proceeded this time to clarify the premises of this life time ban. Once again it was full of loop holes. Already there are quite a few major exceptions I could think of that could displace this directive of his.

A simple one would be boking of the entire venue for an events purpose and getting their director to acknowledge the need for my presence in his premise (to pay the bills at least, unless of course 1 Altitude decides to allow me the free use of premise?) 😛

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