On the conceptualization of Poise.sg

Thus far functions that allow for the creation of accounts for the three user roles have been created. People coming to Poise.sg will be able to login to Poise.sg using their facebook connect details and create an account type of their choice. There are basically 3 defined account types.

  • Models & Talents (Male & Female)
  • Agents
  • Media Houses / Production Houses / Advertising firms / PR firms

Functions accessible by Models & Talents are well defined.

Thus far there is a lack of differentiation between the user roles of Agents and Media Houses system wise. There is almost no difference between these two roles with the exception that when media houses attempt to contact models directly, the notification gets routed to their agents as well as the models.

This is the main issue of concern which I have been pondering over these past few days. I will need to identify the key value an agent contributes to this process other than just being the middle man whose sole purpose is to pass information along the channel. From a superficial perspective an agent is one that simply contributes by passing information along. However in this new system that will be known as Poise.sg, information will be made transparent, thus eroding the role of agents as information transferrers. As such an agent might in fact come to see Poise.sg as a threat to their role in the supply chain, thus resist the adoption of the use of the Poise platform.

However from an industrial perspective, why is it that Media Houses / Production Houses / Advertising firms / PR firms choose to engage the agents on some occasions and by pass the very same agents during other occasions? There must indeed be a defining difference between these two decision outcomes, therein lies the true value of agents.

Ideally when Poise.sg is eventually launched, this platform should safeguard the interest of all three parties. The only way I could envision this to be possible would be to ascertain the core value adds these three roles contribute to the supply chain and enhance the effectiveness of their roles by providing them with supporting software functions. Thus far I have approached 3 modelling agencies of which I am closely acquainted with for feedbacks and insights into this issue.

  1. Esther from Ezen Models
  2. Justin from Style House
  3. Kirk from Perspective Models

Hopefully the insights, I gain from this round of interviews would lead me to the solution of this wall I hit.

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