Data breach case study – Facebook (March 2018)


Observed commonalities

  • Technical behavior
    • continuous 7 day drops
    • valuation drops of above 10%
    • elevated trading volume during period of drop
  • significantly entrenched positions in their respective industries
    • return on Equity of above 10%
    • profit margin of above 20%
  • public outrage
  • government launched investigations

Outcome of Facebook to be verified on 1st April 2018

  • Non-conclusive regulation on the part of government
  • public outrage diffused and back to business as usual

Mid to long term follows ups 

  • To study period required to recover to original levels


  • Devised strategy to capitalize on increasing prevalence of hyper media coverage of  tech companies for bleeding edge technology trends
    • data breaches on Mega Data Silos
    • contains links to other related case studies

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