Book summary – The inmates are running the asylum

  • Cheaper in the long run to be slow but build the proper user experience
  • Fixating in a schedule and being forced to take short cuts without a clear vision in mind is bad
  • Cheaper to figure out the experience before building it. The latter is like scalping with a chainsaw
  • Code revisions due initial lack of clarity in the market inevitably scars the code
  • listen to your users but use your own judgement to discern the product feature to build
  • handing the reins over to the users results in the abdication of your vision
  • abdication of your vision pulls you to the mainstream and results in the loss of differentiation
  • if they believe if you vision they will be willing to wait for it anyway
  • reality is strong enough to stand on its own feet. It does not need a devils advocate
  • Distinguish clearly between task and goals
  • goals are universal across time while tasks are transient
    • goals – company needs to make money
    • tasks – need to write a report in windows power point
  • there are personal goals and professional goals
    • personal goal – feel good and don’t look stupid
    • professional goals – make sure boss gets his report and I don’t get fired

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