Tim on User centric design

Design thinking is a more elaborate waterfall like model as compared to User centric design

  • It was originally created by the dude from SAP which is the founder of IDEO

User Centric Design

Helps avoid thinking of solution purely in functional terms devoid of human values


  • Business Goals – numbers you want to hit as a business


  • List of hypothesis revolving around your business goals


  • Who
    • the various personas about your user
    • it is centered around the kinds of physical behavior they exhibit
    • it is centered around the emotions and attitude
    • In a market place or social network the following distribution would hold true
      • 1% content creators – the protagonist
      • 9% synthesizers – they transmute the inputs from the creators
      • 90% silent majority – they observe and consume what was generated
  • Problems / Needs
    • centered around the day to day needs they have in their role
    • centered around the day to day problems they experience because of the need they have
    • qualitative and quantitative data to size of each segment of persona as well as the conversion rates in prior experiments
  • Themes
    • The commonly recurring themes identified based on qualitative feedbacks gathered from interviews with users.



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