Insights from Monday lunch

From Kevyn Klein on Ambassador programs (VIP Kids)

  • Motivation : Swag, Power, Access and Status
  • Best practices documentation
  • Figure out what motivates them to complete course
  • The first pilot hand picked based on people that were most into product: 15 people
  • Requirement goes up overtime as you get at what you want
  • Test the product
  • Figure out who are the influencers who are passionate
  • Use the program as a reward
  • People are intrinsically motivated
  • Have a kick off webinar to set the expectation
  • Help define what this opportunity
  • Usually first cohort helps u define your program
  • 4 bullet points of what it really means
    • If you over define it then you stifle their creativity
    • Open up the group to let them decide when n where to do the program. Saturday morning instead of Thursday evening in a bar
    • Make them feel like u are organized n framework
  • Business needs: Want to see who is influencer?

Ray Wu (MagicBus)

  • Intercom.IO to handle email tracking
  • Growth hacking, Sean Ellis – read retention section
    • focus on activation and retention
  • understand what users are doing with data
    • Check out AirTable?
  • 1 year runway is sufficient buffer

Ayush (OurHealthMate)

  • Poor activation rate could just be users playing around checking out different chrome extensions simultaneously

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