One gold mine leads to another

After being somewhat annoyed at the low pay per click rates I was getting for my adsense affiliate advertising, I sat down and started seriously analyzing the advertisements being served there. Most of them were really cheapo advertising about stuff nobody in the right mind will be interested. Thus I held a spring cleaning session. Interestingly, my earning made a jump and became 3 times what it used to be. Wow! This is really cool stuff. Now I can really concentrate on creating more quality and relevant content and not worry about junk served by advertisers via Google Adsense.

My goal for this year is to be able to generate passive income via online methods that will be able to cover up to at least 50% of my daily expenses. Once I have achieved this, I will attempt to scale up my operations to cover up to 100% of my daily expenses, all these at 0% increase in the percentage of time I spend per day to maintain my business model.

Fingers crossed, if all goes well, I should not need to worry about cashflow for the next years, but really start looking at places where I can park my funds to get some really serious capital gains. Ironically, I am enthusiastically waiting for the next serious worldwide economic depression to come around the corner.

Suddenly I remembered the time I was surfing off the Australian Gold Coast. Constantly I would pass the time away chatting with the folks on the surf board right next to me while waiting for the right wave to come. Seems like this is like surfing all over again. Haha