Restoring an MOSS site

Given an MOSS bak file which looks something like blahblah.DAT. You will need to do the  following to install it on your MOSS installation.

First you will need to go to your MOSS Central Administration Page and create a site collection. For example


of you could simply go to

C:\program files\common files\microsoft\shared\web server extensions\12\bin

and type the following

STSADM.EXE -o createsite -url <url-to-site-collection> -ownerlogin domain\user -owneremail <email-address>

Next you will need to navigate to the following location using command prompt

C:\program files\common files\microsoft\shared\web server extensions\12\bin

Once you are here type in the following command

explorer .

This command will open this location and you can copy your blahblah.DAT file here via copy and paste.

Next go back to your command prompt you can type in the following command

stsadmin -o restore – url http://localhost/sites/test_site_collection -filename blahblah.DAT -overwrite

Click enter when you are done.

To see the restored sitetype

iexplore http://localhost/sites/test_site_collection

Upgrading MOSS server to use Active Directory

I recently upgraded one of my Virtual PC windows 2003 servers to use Active Directory. The very first thing that happened after the upgrading was done was that I encountered tons of errors. Apparently the Active Directory installation process by windows did not automatically update the logon details to services. Hence as a result MOSS which relies on quite a lot of these services to funciton properly was pretty crippled. The first thing I did was to open the service dialogue box and change the logon details for the following services

  1. Windows Sharepoint services administration
  2. Windows SharePoint Services Search
  3. Windows SharePoint Services Timer
  4. Windows SharePoint Services Tracing
  5. Windows SharePoint Services VSS Writer
  6. SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition (Microsoft##SSEE)
  7. SQL Server VSS Writer

Apparently MOSS uses an embedded SQL server to store all its configuration as well as Web instances

Next I had to do some configuration at the following location

Start > Administration Tools > Component Services > Double Click to Open

Console Root > Component Services > My Computer > Right Click to Open Dialogue Box > Open Properties

Navigate to Tab > MSDTC and then click on the Security Configuration button

Basically in that view click on all checkboxs and then indicate No Authentication Required

Once you click  ok the MSDTC service will restart itself.

With that done, there is only one last thing to do.

Go To Location C:\Windows\ right click on the Temp folder, click properties and then navigate to the Security Tab

Even thought I have added Administrator and ASP.Net as the users with full control of this folder it seems it is still causing problems with some MOSS services, so I have instead given full control to Authenticated Users as well.

Please note while all these configurations ensure that your sharepoint services gets up and running, it is not all together secured because of the lax security rules. If you really need help please hire a MOSS professional

Reinstallation of Brother HL-2070N Printer driver to improve performance drastically

After being seriously annoyed with the lag in all my programs that allows for a print functions, I decided that today was the last straw.

I uninstalled the existing HL-2070N printer driver and configuration and reset it up once again.

Apparently there were two configuration options available in the installation process.

First option ask for the driver to search for the printer in the network each time it is activated.Good if you dont know nuts about which LAN IP address your printer is residing on. However very painful in the long run since it slows down all your programs.

The second  option ask that an IP address be specified and driver automatically prints to that IP address each time a print job occurs. This is good if you have already set a fixed LAN IP address for your printer and you do not want performance lag while you are using other applications. This is bad if you know nuts about network and router configurations.

Not unknowing better I choose the first configuration. It was painful every time I print. Now that I feel the pain, I opted for configuration number which is to me very painless.

Configuring Singtel Broadband router to host web server

Just last night in an attempt to once again familiarize myself with networks, I started experimenting with my SingTel BroadBand Router.

I basically connected this laptop of mine to the network and logged into the router’s web interface. Next, I assigned this laptop of mine to the Demilitarized Zone aka DMZ.

Doing this thus puts my laptop in front of the firewall that protects my home’s LAN from external intrusion.

My Laptop gets assigned a new IP address and a new default gateway. Next I rebooted my laptop.

Once done, I could started my web server. During the instance if any one knew what was my IP address, He or she could have accessed my webserver.