The joy of living like nomad and the ease that comes with learning to fail properly

Yesterday I suddenly experienced a drastic paradigm shift. For the past few months, I always attempted at creating a peaceful and quiet environment back at home to allow for better concentrate while at work. It was a lost cause. The presence of mom and dad plus little blackie gave me no peace whateverso. Any attempts at doing so would have resulted in immediate failure.  Only short spans of peace could be achieved, this was when everyone was out and blackie was having his afternoon nap.

Satheesh was kind enough to pass me the use of his wireless mobile card. It had been sitting much use in my bag for the past few months excepts on occasions when I had to do some off shore co-ordination when I was at Toshiba’s data center and service center.

It was morning yesterday when I took my laptop and aigo’s demo kit for a trip to Aigo’s main office. After some hiccups here and then we managed to settle the outstanding matters with Aigo.

I met up with Alena for lunch this Taiwanese eatery near east coast beach. Shortly after lunch, I took out my laptop and started checking some mails which Kelvin sent over a short while ago. Quickly I forgot the presence of Alena and concentrate on my work at hand. After 1 hours of solid uninterrupted work I decided to take a break.

We arrived at East Coast beach where I decided read a book. It was not long before she dragged me into roller blading with her. While she attempted hard at keeping her balance and fall as little as possible, I took the more practical approach, an approach which I unconciously acquired during my work as a software developer.

I started by concentrating my efforts on learning how to fall properly while on blades. In fact I fell more 30 times during the short span of that 2 hours on blades suffering no injuries whateverso. This was totally weird in contrast to the pained expressions passerbys gave when they saw the scene.

Alena on the other hand whil attempting to stay on her foot, minimized her falls to less than 10 times during this entire period of 2 hours, managed successfully to sprain her right wrist which left her feeling somewhat hindered in her movements for the rest of the day.

One interesting thing to observe is this. Taking the notion of falling for granted, I was thereafter truly able to focus my mind on acquiring the techniques to manage the skates properly. Fear (of falling) is truly a most unneccessary distraction in this scenario. Also 40% of my time during this 2 hour period was spent sitting on the bench observing the techniques strangers while on blades as well as chatting up with any particular blader whom I wanted to clarify in more details th techniques they. In some instances, I received weird and uneasy expressions from bladers unused to speaking with total strangers on the streets. However being mechiavellic as I am, staunchly believing that the ends justify the ends, I ignored these and continued on my conquest of the blades.

After that two hours on blades, I believe given another two to three sessions on blades I should manage nicely.

Once again, I have deviated. Back to the discussion on life as a nomad, we sat down at coffee bean and enjoyed some coffee, bossa nova music and the view of the beach at night, while I once again started to work on the net. It was truly great, getting the peace and quiet I needed to concentrate on my work while not having to spend an ounce of effort at maintaining it. Alena mean while took a chinese book on Business Management from my bag which started reading it.

We left for dinner at bugis area. Thereafter I sent her home before finding a spot by the Singapore river to spend the night. Thus it is, I woke up the next day having a great view of the sun rise over the marina promenade. I was truly feeling that life for me is once now again free and the way it should be.

Now I sit just across the street from Hotel Rendevouz in the lobby of the SMU Business faculty enjoying the afternoon breeze and the lively scenary while surfing the net and charging my laptop free of charge, courtesy of  SMU. Haha. I think today I will spend once again out doors, enjoying my new found freedom and space. Life is GREAT!

Capitalism : A love story

I just saw the greatest love story ever on Capitalism. It is a must watch, extremely satirical, but accurate and information giving us a good overview of why the US is in the state it is in today.

It is puzzling sometimes wondering how come humans do not conform to the normal behavior of natural predators. It was ever reported that lions, tigers and wolves normally leave their prey alone once they are done with their meals.

Are we really cursed with the inexplicable drive towards converting every known resource on earth into dollars and cents? What the hell is wrong with us?

Every one has something to say – use a blog!

Recently I met a religio while on the bus on my way home. She took my contact number and started sending me lots of religious messages. Being a free thinker, most of these messages just came into my phone and went into the trash folder. It was just too long to read over an SMS. and I hate longs SMS s over the phone.

Then it occurred to me, I thought hey all these efforts by her should not be going to waste. so what happens immediately after that was that I set up a blog for her at for her to send her message out to the world.

Now, my phone avoids getting overloaded with mesages not related to my essential day to day operations and at the same time she gains access to the whole world’s audience. And the whole world’s audiences may finally get themselves some salvation if indeed they are looking for some.

Who knows she with her vigor might just turn out to be the next Anthony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki!

Cool Islam site

Recently while surfing the web I came across this Islam site built by a Singaporean company. I found it to be very impressive. The way the visual elements of the site positioned the image of the religion. But more specifically the sound tracks of the site are what attracted me. I have been listening around Pop and Jazz music recently. While Jazz harmonies remains still interesting for me, pop songs in general are nothing something to listen to when attempting to look for new unique progressions.

Islamic music however is a different breed of its own, with its scale that steps out of the traditional half steps tones normally used in the main stream genere.

Find out for yourself if you will

Here is the site

The world is turning topsy turvy

I climbed to the top of bus 197 feeling exhausted, having walked for 6hours straight from City Hall to Marine Parade and back to Kallang. I was in my kampong attire (my shorts, slippers and singlet) an attire I normally would be in when I want to be really comfortable and casual.

I sat occupying two places on the seats as usual owing to my size and built. Across me on the other side of the bus was this guy probably in his late twenties well groomed, dressed fashionably, eyeing me in the most funny of ways. I met his stare head on for a while, thinking it at first to be a normal challenge between males. I ignored him thereafter. That stare was not even in the realms of anger provoking, it was just plain weird. I looked out of the bus through the windows on my side. Losing interest I looked back to the floor of bus on the other side, spacing out. Resting my body and mind.

It was then that I notice the most crazy of things. He obviously knew he was in my line of vision, despite my obvious spacing out, so he started rubbing his crouch and then followed the action by rubbing his nipples. Despite the fact these actions were out of sight of those sitting behind and those infront, it was so blatant. What the Fuck!?!

This guy is obviously trying attempting to fornicate himself in front of me, just to gain my attention. He then tried making eye contact with me, I rolled my eye balls and looked away feeling really disgusted. Finally, god have mercy, he dropped off at the bus stop beside Bugis Junction. Off to meet his gay buddies perhaps.

Bloody maniacs, why can’t they stick to girls? Nowadays it seems more and more of guys are targeting guys, losing interest in boobs and discovering new-found hobbies with dicks. And it seems the same is true for girls as well. Singapore is turning Gay and Lesbo alrite. Personally I have nothing against anyone’s sexual preferences, just please mind you, keep your harassments away from me.

And this, apparently is not the first episode of its kind that I encountered in public. Let’s see…

Once at China Town area, I was looking for a new office space and then I was bloody stalked by this well built and dressed hunk, first on the streets, then around in the shopping center for a full 15mins. It was not until through the use of my wit, I came up with a strategy that gave him the slip.

The other time I was standing in the queue in front of the POSB atm in bras basah complex, and there was this well built guy in his forties dressed in body hugging jeans, singlet and a dangling cross for a ear ring, who first walked past in front of the queue, and then came back a second time and then a third time. Finally managing to make eye contact with me the third, he wriggled with eye brow and smile that lecherous smile of his before disappearing around the corner. Fuck! Is that supposed to be a tactic to lead someone on? No wonder he failed so terribly with the opposite and had to finally resort to preying on the same sex.

The final and most crazy time happened during a evening. After much partying at club Double O with the rest of the guys, I started feeling hungry. I left the rest of the folks and started walking alone towards Maxwell market for supper. I was craving for the porridge they sold there. Apparently I took this alittle alley that past through Ann Xiang Hill, behind the rolls of shop houses, which was supposed to be a short cut. On the other side coming down the stairs well was this well built guy, tall rather well groomed too. One look from him and I knew there might be some trouble.

He soon joined me on the alley, walking by my side. I ignored his presence. He seemed drunk. He tried starting a conversation. I patronized him a little. And then he decided to lean in to get flesh. Bloody bastard, I could have killed there and then, had I not restrained myself. This is after all the 21st century, where the use of diplomacy is more desirable then all out warfare.

“Perhaps you are going for the wrong target. I think you should head into that pub over there. It will definitely be much better for your health.” I said pointing at the entrance of a pub we were approaching. But obviously if my recollections were not wrong, that pub was still the wrong pub for him. It was normally populated by Filippino working girls whose normal clientele are middle to old aged local Chinese men or old foreign white men, not young good looking chap only interested in dicks. This hybrid of a specimen I have walking beside me obviously has wandered way out of range of his species’ normal haunts; clubs like Play, Taboo and Tantric which were supposed to be further down the Tanjong Pagar stretch but not here.

Damned, and I thought getting myself a crew cut for a hair style and to dress down when not required would reduce the level of my presence on such radars. Apparently not!

Hmmm.. there must apparently be something seriously wrong that I am doing unkowingly, time to head back to the drawing tables to rework my game plan.

Thinking about it while I was out with Jayan last night, he did mention Aware the women’s assocation in Singapore is attempting to come up a petition to ban gays in Singapore. While I personally dislike being harassed, I do not think such a petition is going to be of much effect other than driving this alternative crowd activity under ground.

Moreover, being a great believer in Voltair’s philospohy, liberty and freedom of choice for the individuals must be and should be protected from the tyranny of the state. Furthermore considering the kind of state we have with us, all the more we should double effort.

Curing the symptom aids not in curing the source of the problem sometimes, and I believe it is true in this case. What then might be the cause of this phenomenon? Local men losing their manhood, while local women increasingly losing their pool of potential local mates to other local men or the existing pool of foreign women in Singapore.