Google Map Api revisited

Today after much thoughts, I finally revisited the Google map api. I must admit previous attempts to understand the API has been cryptic.

How come it was such that I could easily pickup PHP, javascript, JSP, ASP or HTML while not the Google API? I reflected long and hard on my experiences dealing with the Google Map API and these other languages.

Aha!! Eureka! I finally arrived at the conclusion. I have been using the wrong approach along while working with the Google Map API.

While dealing with prior languages I always have a strong objective in mind; aka specific functions and features I want to implement in certain ways and methods.

With the Google Map API though I had no idea in mind what I wanted to do with nor what I wanted to achieve working.

Analogically speaking , with prior languages I was basically finding the vocabulary I needed from a dictionary to help make a sentence when I have to, while with my prior attempt at the Google Map I was attempting to memorize the whole dictionary without understanding a single thing about.


Wrong move. The brain does work like a super storage system that is compartmentalized from A to Z, it is more like a whole network of nodes with multiple links between. Our brain works best when we can work information into logically coherent structures. Something which the mind map does.

How did I bring myself to commit such a stupid mistake when in the first place I knew about this problem. Then when thrown into a new and alien environment it is natural that we attempt at establishing some point of reference to help us get our bearings right, so what better way then is there than to flip randomly through the dictionary and get something random as a base to start from. The real mistake was attempting to memorize the stuff. Our brains can on the average only handle up to 7 variables simultaneously, so leave the variable tracking to the computers!!!

Why not use our brains for something more value adding such as things in the realms of erudition or creativity?