Reflections on the Dead Sea

View of the sky when floating on the Dead Sea


It did not take too long for me to arrive at the dea sea after driving out of Jerusalem.

Waddling into the waters of the Dead Sea I was at first skeptical I would actually float. I was quickly proven wrong. I did float.

I experimented to figure out the most relaxed position I could adopt without drowning.

It quickly dawned on me, I was in a natural sensory deprivation tank. I was freely suspended on the water feeling zero body weight. Overhead, the clear blue sky with not a hint of cloud reminds me of the blue screen of death commonly observed when the OS crashes. My ears, submerged in water, were insulated from any noise I would otherwise hear.

This was close to the same location John the Baptist got himself baptized. I wonder how long he stayed floating in the waters of the Dead Sea when he went through the process.

I stayed suspended in this position focusing my full attention on my 5 senses. It was totally fascinating to be swept around by the ebb and flows of the Dead Sea. I conclude while the mineral concentration is abnormally high, the Dead Sea is not dead.


Chance morning encounters in Temple Mount

After multiple failed iterations attempting to visit Temple Mount, on my final morning in the holy city of Jerusalem, I managed to get into the venue.

I sat myself down and focused my full attention on my five senses to find out for myself if this space would be any different from other spaces I visited in the city.

20 minutes into my undivided attention, I was approached. He proceeded to explain his purpose for seeking my attention.

The purpose was to convey a very simple message. There is only one reality/collective consciousness and there have been many people/messengers sent on different occasions to remind us of this.

It made obvious sense. He seemed really happy when I agreed there were no contradictions in the statement he just made. He then proceeded to make a video of us voicing that statement in his language. Which I happily complied. He left me a card before his happy departure.

Once again mustered my full attention on my 5 senses. It was no long before I was once again approached. This time by a dude wearing shades.

”What are you doing here?” He asked in a not so happy manner. “I am sitting” I replied. “Go” he motioned, which I did. Thus my attempt to sense if anything out of the ordinary at this venue was brought to and end.

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