The world is turning topsy turvy

I climbed to the top of bus 197 feeling exhausted, having walked for 6hours straight from City Hall to Marine Parade and back to Kallang. I was in my kampong attire (my shorts, slippers and singlet) an attire I normally would be in when I want to be really comfortable and casual.

I sat occupying two places on the seats as usual owing to my size and built. Across me on the other side of the bus was this guy probably in his late twenties well groomed, dressed fashionably, eyeing me in the most funny of ways. I met his stare head on for a while, thinking it at first to be a normal challenge between males. I ignored him thereafter. That stare was not even in the realms of anger provoking, it was just plain weird. I looked out of the bus through the windows on my side. Losing interest I looked back to the floor of bus on the other side, spacing out. Resting my body and mind.

It was then that I notice the most crazy of things. He obviously knew he was in my line of vision, despite my obvious spacing out, so he started rubbing his crouch and then followed the action by rubbing his nipples. Despite the fact these actions were out of sight of those sitting behind and those infront, it was so blatant. What the Fuck!?!

This guy is obviously trying attempting to fornicate himself in front of me, just to gain my attention. He then tried making eye contact with me, I rolled my eye balls and looked away feeling really disgusted. Finally, god have mercy, he dropped off at the bus stop beside Bugis Junction. Off to meet his gay buddies perhaps.

Bloody maniacs, why can’t they stick to girls? Nowadays it seems more and more of guys are targeting guys, losing interest in boobs and discovering new-found hobbies with dicks. And it seems the same is true for girls as well. Singapore is turning Gay and Lesbo alrite. Personally I have nothing against anyone’s sexual preferences, just please mind you, keep your harassments away from me.

And this, apparently is not the first episode of its kind that I encountered in public. Let’s see…

Once at China Town area, I was looking for a new office space and then I was bloody stalked by this well built and dressed hunk, first on the streets, then around in the shopping center for a full 15mins. It was not until through the use of my wit, I came up with a strategy that gave him the slip.

The other time I was standing in the queue in front of the POSB atm in bras basah complex, and there was this well built guy in his forties dressed in body hugging jeans, singlet and a dangling cross for a ear ring, who first walked past in front of the queue, and then came back a second time and then a third time. Finally managing to make eye contact with me the third, he wriggled with eye brow and smile that lecherous smile of his before disappearing around the corner. Fuck! Is that supposed to be a tactic to lead someone on? No wonder he failed so terribly with the opposite and had to finally resort to preying on the same sex.

The final and most crazy time happened during a evening. After much partying at club Double O with the rest of the guys, I started feeling hungry. I left the rest of the folks and started walking alone towards Maxwell market for supper. I was craving for the porridge they sold there. Apparently I took this alittle alley that past through Ann Xiang Hill, behind the rolls of shop houses, which was supposed to be a short cut. On the other side coming down the stairs well was this well built guy, tall rather well groomed too. One look from him and I knew there might be some trouble.

He soon joined me on the alley, walking by my side. I ignored his presence. He seemed drunk. He tried starting a conversation. I patronized him a little. And then he decided to lean in to get flesh. Bloody bastard, I could have killed there and then, had I not restrained myself. This is after all the 21st century, where the use of diplomacy is more desirable then all out warfare.

“Perhaps you are going for the wrong target. I think you should head into that pub over there. It will definitely be much better for your health.” I said pointing at the entrance of a pub we were approaching. But obviously if my recollections were not wrong, that pub was still the wrong pub for him. It was normally populated by Filippino working girls whose normal clientele are middle to old aged local Chinese men or old foreign white men, not young good looking chap only interested in dicks. This hybrid of a specimen I have walking beside me obviously has wandered way out of range of his species’ normal haunts; clubs like Play, Taboo and Tantric which were supposed to be further down the Tanjong Pagar stretch but not here.

Damned, and I thought getting myself a crew cut for a hair style and to dress down when not required would reduce the level of my presence on such radars. Apparently not!

Hmmm.. there must apparently be something seriously wrong that I am doing unkowingly, time to head back to the drawing tables to rework my game plan.

Thinking about it while I was out with Jayan last night, he did mention Aware the women’s assocation in Singapore is attempting to come up a petition to ban gays in Singapore. While I personally dislike being harassed, I do not think such a petition is going to be of much effect other than driving this alternative crowd activity under ground.

Moreover, being a great believer in Voltair’s philospohy, liberty and freedom of choice for the individuals must be and should be protected from the tyranny of the state. Furthermore considering the kind of state we have with us, all the more we should double effort.

Curing the symptom aids not in curing the source of the problem sometimes, and I believe it is true in this case. What then might be the cause of this phenomenon? Local men losing their manhood, while local women increasingly losing their pool of potential local mates to other local men or the existing pool of foreign women in Singapore.

watch out for car with license plate SFZ2873B

Basically I am lucky to be alive now and to be posting this thread on this forum. I was in the midst of crossing the road over a pedestrain crossing just now in front of Shaw Towers Bugis area at 8.30pm this evening.

Yes, It is common nowadays for impatient car drivers to drive their cars over the pedestrain crossings, while there are still pedestrain passing and the pedestrain lights are still green. It is totally understandable the phase of life is fast and everyone is rushing for time. But this particular driver was pushing the limits.

There I was crossing the road and car with license plate SFZ2873B did a right turn into the lane I was on. Expecting him to give way to me since the pedestrain light was still green and I had the right of the way, I was in for a terrible surprise.

He instead of slowing down stepped down on the accelerator and increased the speed of the car. Thankfully I jumped out of his way in time. Otherwise, who knows I might have lost one of my limps due to someone else’s impatience.

Roads in Singapore are turning out to be very frightening nowadays.


Nice! Alena is once again up to her emotional non-sense and at the most inappropriate of times. The point for argument is so stupid. She says she being a patriot of China will not allow anyone to bad mouth China in front of her. She believes after her learning of English she will potentially get to hear more negative messages about China spoken in English, basically from those among my friends who are Americans, Japanese and Taiwanese. (Nationalities of whom countries have conflicts of interest with China) Further emphasizing she will even have no qualms against getting physical with those of the less cultured and uncouth category.

While her sense of loyalty is amicable, the whole issue remains pointless. Who amongst my friends would be so insensitive and brainless as to bad mouth another individuals’ country in front of him without stating a valid point for argument, and hope to remain a friend of mine. It is not a habit of mine wasting my time befriending brainless fools.

And she has the gall to fault me for withholding to part take in this nonsensical venture of her’s, threatening once against to leave if the situation ever happens and I did as I said I would (to stand aside and not get involved in the politics and affairs between citizens of other countries). There are more important things to worry about. Money is needed to make ends meet for the both of us and we are seriously short of it. Interestingly, I am the one doing work while she is doing the free riding. What right does she have spending her spare effort and free time creating such nonsense and throwing it at me, thereafter assigning the fault unto me. That FOOL!

Tonight I shall refrain from communicating to her, neither will I tomorrow, or the rest of this week, for fear of spouting any words, phrases, sentences damaging to our relationship in the heat of my anger. Silence! is indeed golden, ever more so when my whole being is so in rage and the only thing keeping it in check is but my will.

Women, they have it easy. They can bitch all want about anything, anywhere, anytime, suffering not any consequences. It is their right to bitch. Society has given them a valid license to bitch.

Men! to be men is not easy. Any verbal expressions backed by neither reason, nor logical, but purely emotions is frowned upon by society. They will be considered weak, thus exposing themselves to attacks and assults from those around them. They die really fast that way. For men the only retreat then is silence and the only way forward is action.

Silence is my choice for the day. Action is uncalled for. The rage however listens not to logic, it has a mind of its own. Keep it locked. Lest it does unnecessary damage.

Thus explained is the main reason of the ten years life expectancy differences between a male human and a female human. Females are not compelled by society to keep their non-sense pent up within. They have every right to voice it out however illogical and nonsensical it is, and fault the opposing party for not seeing her logic, or ill-logic. Men being men has no choice but to do otherwise. This rage is like a silent time bomb, it is not good for health.

Tonight will be a sleepless night. Sleep will not come while my blood continues to boil. Damn that BITCH!

Sea Voyaging

I have always had this dream since childhood, to travelling around the world. Thus I did landwise.

However today i came across this site

It was basically advertising this book revolving around subjects for sea voyaging. It reminded me very much of my all time favourite game, Uncharted Water.

I happened once again to come across this statement by Mark Twain. Each time I came across and read it to myself, I feel within me a strong surge of Joy. So I thought I should share it with you.


“20 years from now you will be more disappointed with the things you didn’t do than the ones you did. So, throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails”

Explore, Dream, Discover

Mark Twain

Schemes to make money from home

Recently I have been coming across site or email referring to sites that provide schemes for making money from home. Curioused at first I read through some of them but after a while I grew really tired to them.

The real ironic part is how they could attempt to slap themselves in the face by contradicting themselves within the same page of content.

In the first part of the page they talked about how easy it was for them to make money on line some claiming to be even making up to USD$13K per week. However it you looked closely at the chunk of words just above the personal details submission form you will see this

*INCOME DISCLAIMER: Even though CarbonCopyPRO has notarized affidavits on hand for every one of the income claims on this site, these income examples are representative of some of the most successful participants in the program. Some members may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average participants. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. By using this website you are agreeing to our Legal Income Disclaimer

If you are observation enough you will notice this specific sentence

these income examples are representative of some of the most successful participants in the program. Some members may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL with this program.

So basically they are trying to convince you to spend time working on their program but saying “Hey you are on your own buddy.” What kind of contradictory crap is this?

The waiting cat

I finished my work for the night and stepped downstairs for supper. Alone in the lift, the melodies of this song suddenly popped up in my head. Don’t know why I thought of Alena. I could not get through her phone tonight. Perhaps her phone card ran out of balance.

I walked past the entrance to my void deck. There as usual was this cat with fur a mix of brown, black and white. Mom used to say this cat might actually be the long lost sister of our Blackie.

Each night she would sit at the front entrance to our void deck. And each night when I called out to her, she would start crying. You would know that this cat was terribly lonely when you heard her cries. It seems she was waiting forever for someone who never seems to come. Perhaps the one she was waiting for is her mom.

Her mom (if she was actually who we think she is) died 7 years ago infront of my door steps, from internal bleeding. She was physically abused by one of her neighbours of whom we have no idea. Blackie was there when she died. He was devastated.I was in Russia then.

If this tabby cat was really waiting for her mom, she would have already waited for 7 years. Her mom will probably never come reunited with her. Suddenly I thought of Alena… Her cries reminds me of Alena’s. Only she is waiting for reunion with not her mom but me in Singapore.

How many times have I made her cry… I thought while sitting there at the void deck stroking this waiting cat. I felt so useless.


So that is it! I have finally made enough to pay off all my debts, I am a free man now. Penniless but never the less a free man. What I have read in the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” is true after all. Money when forced into ventures that returns high and unrealistic amounts, flees from the owner very fast.

From an economic point of view it is true indeed. There is only so much resources in the world, so if there really is an opportunity for all of us to make big bucks then someone from somewhere else is seriously looking into losing some big bucks.

But no one in the right mind would be willing party to be involved in this equation on the side that is losing big bucks, unless value of equal quantity is exchanged for that. So where then does this value come from. It can either be material (aka your local ipod, food, water… a product) or intangible (education, nail polishing service, house fixing service, web creation service). So the moral of the story is if someone says that any opportunity is going to pay up lots of money to you, you should really started looking to source out for the part of the business model that is value generating. If suppose after much search you find none of such is tagged to this huge payback for your money, then I think it is perhaps time to drop this opportunity however good it might seem.

Money when forced into ventures that returns high and unrealistic amounts, flees from the owner very fast.” This lesson I have learned the hard way. But never the less it is still lesson learned. Follow not in my foot steps. Napoleon is a wise man indeed. Then again perhaps my advice will fall on deaf ears, so much people are into the idea of getting something for nothing nowadays. Laziness is a sin!

A new game

Recently I got commissioned to write a new game. The original version was supposed to be a hybrid form of the traditional monopoly game. However to avoid copyright problems we decided to tweak it. Hence the resulting board was a world map instead of a squarish shape group of grids in the old monopoly.

It was very enjoyable writing that game as half the routes one it were ones I ever took while travelling. The mode of transport was quite interesting too. You could go by foot, car, train, ships and airballons from one city to another. The first 4 I have ever tried, the last one not as yet. I am damned looking forward to trying that one out one of these days.

Just in case you might want to try it out you could go to where this game is currently resided. It takes a while to load as it is quite big and complex.

Nowadays it seems…

Nowadays, it seems more and more that I wake up feeling aches here and there instead of feeling refreshed.

Nowadays, it seems that rather than being free of any burden, these loads just seems to add themselves on to me more and more.

Nowadays, it seems that which used to be fun and entertaining has became boring and lifeless.

Nowadays, it seems that there are more thing than 24 hrs a days can handle.

The roller coaster ride continues…

Alena must be fast asleep somewhere up in the north at the moment, considering the fact that we are in the same time zone. Obliged to her request, I refrained from texting her at night. She hates that.

She is a day person, her environment is as such, not much happens for her after the sunsets in Shandong, whereas my day just starts when the sun finally sets. Deep in the night is when I am at my most active, when most of my brain work is done.

My dad just woke up to feed the cat, it was unnecessary, there was still lots of cat food in the bowl. My mom will be heading to the hospital in the morning to have her womb removed. My brother back to work, but it seems he will be heading off to Germany for training for a month come this Friday. Boy I am looking forward to one month of free space.

I love the nights when everyone at home is asleep. It felt like I owned the entire place, all the space I needed. Perhaps that is why I choose to spend most of my day time sleeping nowadays and my night time up and working. Perhaps in the future when I own my own apartment it might become different, but till then, I believe my nocturnal habit will persist.

Just last night I got dragged down by one of my buddies into one of the new clubs in town. It was a fresh concept. How does it go about… Imagine the thai disco concept, where there is a band is on stage and the audiences show their appreciation for the band or the singer by buying them sashes or flowers each of which the performer could later exchange for its equivalent value in terms of cash. Well take away the thais and their bands and replace them with Male Singaporean Singers, that is what this new club is about, Singaporean male as singing entertainers on stage.

Bazaar really, but pretty entertaining. Here we have a group of guys whom mostly has received little or no vocal training performing on stage and there we have a mixed group of audience but pre-dominantly Singaporean females in their late twenties to early thirties dumping sashes and flowers on these former group of guys. Suddenly the reality I pre-supposed became topsy turvy.

Being disinclined towards singing any canto or mando pop songs, I mostly spent my time table hoping and chatting up the crowd, spending time on any willing poor soul to convince him or her of the fact I am some illegal Mongolia immigrant who just happened to be in Singapore before wandering off to the next place.

Since the premise was false, I might as well capitalized on the occasion and experiment with how far fetched my imaginations could be and at the same time convince the next guy beside me it was the truth. I am afraid after a whole night’s experiment, people are more gullible than we admit ourselves to be.

Thankfully god had mercy on them, on and off I was dragged off stage to stand around while the guys sang their number, or just to do my usual dance gig with my bros.

Now one thing which I observed that really interested me was that it seemed common for the more popular males singers to be constantly being cuddled up against by their female fans. Having had the chance to converse and study these female clienteles, I realized more than half of them were attached with boyfriends, fiancees or husbands during their daily lives. So why this then, women paying money for affection from someone else outside their partnership? Are they not supposed to be the more emotionally attached part of the human species? Apparently not I think.

Well to be fair and speaking for both sides of the fences, what about the Geylang then, the re-known red light district for the main stream crowd, the guys. Obliged to do research online into this uber underground part of the Singaporean scene recently, I dare bet that more than half of these visitors were married with a wife or attached with a girlfriend or fiancee.

Perhaps then the whole notion of marriage as an institution, holy in the kingdom of god is a sham after all, something to be paid lip service to when remembered, a yet undischarged relic unyet left behind by society, a false front to at least maintain some resemblance of order amidst what is truly an anarchical state of chaos that is the human society today.

Seriously I have no clearer idea on what is to come as compared to the next person beside me. The only answer I arrived upon is that a certificate signed between two parties at the local registry of marriage is not much of a gaureentee on the level of bliss one experiences in life to come thereafter. One does really have to resign oneself to the fact that there is always a chance the whole thing not work out and one cannot but continue on one’s path in life alone no matter how hard one tried. With that said, perhaps it is time too that I attempted this path myself. Yes, it might indeed be the most adverse and most challenging of times with the economic crisis, the swine flu and my most recent time bomb encountered to attempt something on such a major magnitude. If it is destined to fail, so be it. Better to get it done and over with really fast and continue on with my life than to hestitate and go around in circles undecided, wasting my constantly dwindling time in this reality in the process. Life is calling, what is left in the top portion of the sand in the hourglass flows downward irregardless.