Next destination perhaps…

Of late, it seems like I am beginning to experience a growing sense of claustrophobia. On occasions when I was unfortunate enough to land up in the CBD area due to some business issues, I do see myself only reaching home in the wee hours of the night, just as so to avoid all traffic and crowd.

It seemed this place is getting so overcrowded recently. I can’t help but feel totally drained each time I set into to the train stuffed with people. This sardine tin can syndrome seem more and more the norm instead of the exception.

Thankfully Alena is finally settled in Singapore properly. She would be starting work soon. One battle, or I would rather call it a campaign, done and over with. In a sense I do really have to thank my lucky stars. We managed to pull through the past 1 year together without me eventually forced into some full time position, and thereby dragged inevitably into the rat race. Once more I managed to avoid being dragged into the mill where all souls get crushed to smithereens.

In retrospection, I just wondered how it all managed to happen and come together of its own accord. All these deals I managed to close and deliver these past few months. It was like suddenly hopping onto an express lane I previously didn’t know exist. Crossing path with Satheesh and then Peter through Justin.

Oh well, life always have its own store of surprises.

One thing though that was made very clear during these entire few months and further reaffirmed what one of the external consultant lecturers from my Technopreneurship classes as well as my cousin Johnson said is that people will always be willing to part with a large chunk of cash, if they can avoid a high level of pain as a result.

Scams and get rich quick methods don’t really work in the long run, as opposed to common beliefs. The only true way to survive and prosper is really to constantly seek out better and more efficient solutions to relieve the pain felt by other businesses.

Come to think of it, now that Alena is finally settling in, there suddenly is no longer any need for my presence. I don’t see any visible big battles nor conquest ahead of me on this path I am travelling along.

I told Alena that day about my need to drift along. I was surprised with her over reactions. I wonder why? We had our arguments. It is good that she finally come to terms with the fact that she is fighting a losing battle of attempting to tie down a drifter.

Attempt to tie me up and before you know it. I will be long gone. Recently I have been hearing the waves crashing on the shores of the Indian Continent. Perhaps that should be the next place I get myself lost..

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