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It has been under 6 months since I joined Google as an affiliate, during which time I have built up a respectable second income here on hubpages; most of this income comes from AdSense whilst Amazon is very much a secondary source. Publishing online content is a steep learning curve for those that wish to successfully monetise their efforts, it certainly requires a lot of smart working and at times purely hard working as well as a whole lot of patience. As I approach my 200th page of content here on hubpages (this is hub number 198), I have finally begun to develop and implement a clear strategy for success with AdSense which involves significant amounts of time but has shown me enough to suggest that it is one which will pay dividends for the long term. This AdSense strategy involves multiple sites all of which can generate you plenty of extra AdSense revenue whilst enhancing the performance of your primary content.

My ‘Bookmarker’ Adsense Strategy

The strategy is entirely simple and is in fact nothing more than you should expect to have to do to become financially successful on hubpages, and basically involves numerous means of ‘backlinking’. Please note that this strategy assumes that you already know how to optimise your hubpages for search engine traffic (SEO) and using keywords, otherwise you should research these things first; it also assumes that you know what a dofollow backlink is. This method works equally well with articles published on other good self publishing sites including Squidoo, InfoBarrell, Ehow, and HowToDoThings. It also assumes

  • Write your keyword optimised, informative, presentable hubpage (Primary Content).
  • Submit a bookmark of your hubpage to as many revenue sharing bookmark sites as you can, e.g. SheToldMe, Xomba, and RedGage. Use alternative search terms and in the description if possible – never copy and paste parts of your original hubpage (Secondary Content)
  • Have a look on the first few pages of google for any additional possible dofollow backlinks to your content, using your primary keyword phrases. Additional backlinks such as this do not pay but can be invaluable.
  • Write a shorter yet unique version of the primary article on your personal blog, with a backlink from the post to your primary content (Secondary Content)
  • Submit a bookmark of your blog post to exactly the same bookmarking sites, again using any possible new keywords and search phrases (Secondary Content)

My Traffic Growth In 6 Months

This hubber does 0-6000 in under 6 months! Impressive?
This hubber does 0-6000 in under 6 months! Impressive?

It may not seem advanced, it may seem difficult and time consuming, but so many people have asked how I am gaining views at such a rapid pace – and this is how. I still have so far to go, so many more backlinks to build, so much more time to find and utilise. I have no secrets, nothing that many of you don’t know already, I just backlink in places which also directly boost my AdSense earnings. Is this strategy working for me? The picture above suggests so and I expect that the curve will keep on heading north over the next 6 months – the answer is yes. I am still only using 4 bookmarking sites, and haven’t yet finished using them, there are also another dozen or so to go! If you wanted to take your backlinking one step further then you could even bookmark your bookmarks!

SheToldMe was the first Adsense Revenue sharing site that I used, and with great success. I soon found, following a Google page rank update, that my hubs bookmarked through SheToldMe were performing better in the search engines than my hubs which were not. This initial success prompted me to bookmark every single one of my hubs, and the improvements in my traffic have been clear for me to see. SheToldMe gives you 100% of the Ad Impressions attributed to each of your bookmarks, a scheme which is now making me a respectable $5-$10 extra per week. Remember that these bookmarks are ‘dofollow’ so each bookmark benefits the page of content that you link to, the direct earnings and 50 visits a day from these posts are nothing but an added bonus. All of my hubs are now bookmarked on this site.

My success with SheToldMe led me to explore other bookmarking sites which shared Adsense revenue, and this led me to discovering a number of sites including this one – It works just like SheToldMe but has a greater ‘page rank’ and more traffic because it is a lot more established. It is still early days for me with Xomba and I have only bookmarked 20 of my hubs, however I am already seeing AdSense revenues from them and my bookmarks are of course ‘dofollow’. Traffic to my hubpages, my primary content, has not yet been evident but the most important thing for you to consider is the positive effects on the search engine placement. I suspect that my direct AdSense Revenue from Xomba will eventually far exceed the $5-$10 a week that I generate from SheToldMe despite it only sharing 50% of ad impressions with it’s users.

Snipsly is another AdSense Revenue sharing bookmarking site, this one paying a generous 80% of impressions with its users. I am currently building up my portfolio of back-links on Snipsly and it is one which will benefit you more in the long term rather than the short, purely because it is yet to be truly picked up by the Google monster. I haven’t seen much in the way of revenue or traffic yet from Snipsly, yet I know that bookmarking now will see rewards in the future. I can fully recommend Snipsly for it’s easy to navigate wordpress theme, in fact I believe that it can outgrow any of the other sites listed on here. To find out more about, check out my dedicated article ‘ – Make Money From Your Bookmarks’. is one which is best used with your personal blog, and basically links your blog to it’s website. Every time you publish a blog post it replicates and backlinks it to their site, giving you a 50% share of AdSense Revenue as well as giving your blog numerous dofollow backlinks. The trick for hubbers is to use their blog posts to link their hubs, with each blog post then being linked on your account. This one is entirely automated, if only they were all made like this!

List Of Other Revenue Sharing Backlinking Sites

I have so many hubpages to retrospectively bookmark, and so little time at the moment, that I haven’t even signed up to these sites just yet. The potential for improvements in search engine placement and increased AdSense revenue is huge when considering just how many variants of each bookmark I can create, each counting as a dofollow backlink. It is a slow but sure process that I will complete – and each six months on hubpages will see a new hub updating you on my progress. It was little over 3 months ago that Ryan Hupfer interviewed me and published a blog post charting rise to 1000 page views per day, now that he is gone it is left for me to tell you all myself. I hope that you enjoyed this light piece, I will leave you with that list of backlinking sites now!

Once again this page is for my personal reference. If you are thinking of looking for the original  article please go here.

Non-Revenue Sharing Sites

Remember that it is the dofollow backlink which is most important, AdSense is just a bonus, so you should take advantage of all available free backlinks. These sites offer free backlinks to your own content, all dofollow, but do not share any AdSense impressions with you:-

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