The sad case of being an unfilial son once again

It was advertisements now on Channel U. The previous 15 minutes were showing how blangadeshi workers could go out of their way to help their friends in need.

Suddenly, I notice something amiss.

“Mom! How come these blangadeshi could be so willing to fork out money to help their friends in need and can be so close to each other in the community and you are preaching about being on guard against everyone around you including our own relatives??”

“Humans are selfish by nature.” mom replied

“But they don’t seem very selfish to me.” I argued.

“Me and your dad has met with enough trouble with customers who dont pay up after borrowing money even if they have money.”

“But that cannot mean all people are like that”

“Most people are like that because humans are really selfish creatures. If a person is poor, everyone will avoid him” was mom’s reply.

“Ok Mom. I will take your advice to heart. In case you get broke in the future, it is not my fault and neither am I unfilial if I choose to avoid you. I was just following your advice you know.” I said flashing my million dollar smile.

“Shut up! and watch the television! ” she ended our conversation.

Once again my mom got totally pissed off.

Sometimes I believe it is truly a failure on my part as a son, why is it not possible for me to just accept what has been told to me lock stock and barrel by my parents? Why is it that I always find it necessary to iron out all contradictions that exist within any piece of information given to me before accepting it. Why too then do I even after accepting any particular piece of information do so with a deep sense of doubt; a doubt derived from my belief that somewhere in the world some facts are going to be unearth in the future, facts of which will overturn everything which i believe to be true until now.

Perhaps if I could numb myself to such an extent of being unaware of all the contraditions that are happening around me then I might be able to live happily in blissful ignorance.

Alternatively, perhaps if I could change myself to such an extend of being able to accept the existance of contradictions without feeling the strong urge to question them and thereafter sort them out, I will be able to live happily in peace with myself too.

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