Supper club Singapore with its utterly bad service will close down very soon

It has been more than a year since I stepped into Supper club. Last time I did so was in December 2008 to do a gig. Supper club was traditionally known as a place for creative fine dinning. Back then when Stevie the creative director ran the placed, he ran Supper club with style. Any guest that went down to Supper club was definitely ensured a fun and fulfilling night.

When Mansu finally arrived in Singapore and I wanted to show him some parts of Singapore before he left. So that evening after having made arrangements with Nash, I bought Mansu, his client, Pasha and Ibraheem down to the venue. It was all in all a terrible disappointment and an embaressment. I was so surprised Supper club was fallen so far from its name under the current management. It was slowly but surely heading the same way as Ministry of Sounds Singapore.

First and foremost a guest list now in Supper club is not like a guest list. Traditionally being in a guest list in any clubs in Singapore means that you are an invited guest to the club and will enter free and without hassle into the club just by stating your name. However what awaited us at the entrance was hard selling from desperate sales man. Despite being on the guest list, we would not be allowed entrance into the place without paying for cover charge. This was the first time I heard something so nonsensical in Singapore. So basically Supper club has no guest list. And the supposed existence of a guest list in Supper Club is a fraud.

Issue number two, after having made payment at the entrance, the staff did not bother to direct us to our table. We made our way in. There in the club  was a lack of crowd. Basically we had to plead to the waitress to be attended to. We would otherwise have been ignored while she was busy chatting with her other waitresses near the bar counter.

“Just sit at any table you like. ” was what she said.

Thus we did.

So on each table was left a tub with 6 cans of red bull with no signs whatever stating the details of this tub. We were mislead to believe these can along complementary along with the table we reserved. It was only after opening the first can of red bull that the staff approached stating that this was a special promotion and that since we opened a can we are required to buy the entire tub of it. This was so low of them. The last time I came across this shady underhand method of selling was when I was in some remote parts of china when they had no customers at all.

Next, we were suddenly told that we were only allowed to occupy half of the table and in a rude manner. These people are all my guests and this idiotic waitress being so brainless as she is just went ahead to ruffle their feathers right in front of my presence.

“We have lots of guests here.” she stated.

We looked around and actually that entire stretch was empty except us. I got annoyed

“So am I right to say when more guest arrives here we are supposed to clear out of the table to facilitate your operating of your business?” I questioned

She was caught utterly speechless and left still attempting to look cool.

Ibraheem happened to leave the data DVD I past him earlier on a table adjacent to ours. Apparently for no reason whateverso, it was cleared without our notice. I got the staff here to question them about it. After some searching they found it.

“Next time keep your stuff properly!” was her response to Ibraheem.

Seriously, in any hospitality venues, in the event whereby staff attempts to clear any thing off the tables, they are supposed to ask the guest for permission before doing so even if it is shoddy dishes. This protocol was not observed. To make matters, why did she have to go ahead to tell off Ibraheem. Since when has waitressing became a profession of abusing customers after being paid to provide a hospitality service.

I stepped out of the venue for a moment with Mansu and was suddenly left standing in the queue outside, despite the fact no other guest were there. I asked the bouncer what was the issue and got a terribly rude response

“Can you please keep quiet and wait and anyway please look at the sign” he pointed to the sign stating “re-entries are not guaranteed”. At the back of my mind, I could not help recalling those SM Japanese joints where highly paid executives go to for abusive treatment.

When we finally got back to our table we were so surprised to find a whole new different group of people occupying them. We were shifted to some obscure corner of the club with extremely poor visibility of the stage. The reason given was so unacceptable.

“Sorry sir the table was already reserved. ” she stated. Did they have no proper system in place to managed the table bookings? And why was it that she did not bother to double check her bookings when we first arrived?

Thereafter the show started. It was Muay Thai fighting art display. The first and second segment were good. However from the third segment onwards there were the showman ship went down the drain. Also one thing to note, acts taking place in Supper club were traditionally done by people who were really performance enthusiast. How come it was that this particular performance was done like a cheap advertisement to attract students to their fighting school?

Supper club around the world is about fine dining with style and entertainment. However this particular joint does not seem the case. Why was it that girls selling tequila shots for a commission were allowed to even operate in this venue? Traditionally these girls will pester guests in other clubs and is a chief source of annoyance if the only thing the guest wants is to chill and enjoy the ambience.

The very last thing that totally changed my opinion of Supper club was the fact that they hire girls as hostesses to go around from table to table talking to men as well as many more to dance on the podium. While this is acceptable and enjoyable for men, it does reflect something about the place. I think it is slowly headed towards the direction of the former club Momo. It eventually became a Thai live band place called Nana. The concept is almost similar to another male hostess venue called Club Versace in Excelsior hotel .

In conclusion it seems Supper club is fast losing its former style and is fast heading down the slipping slope of sleaze.

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