A review on a few Singapore Hosting services

Recently with a few of my sites becoming quite popular, I started considering the possibility of migrating some of them over to Singapore hosting services so as to reducing their loading time. I did a quick search on google and took a look at all the hosting services available on the first page.Out of all these I short listed the following.

  • webhosting.com.sg
  • vodien.com
  • usonyx.net
  • hostsg.com

In terms of price competitiveness webhosting.com.sg is the most expensive of the lot. Offering just a mere 500mb while charging more than the rest. I cancelled that out.

I next went into command prompt and did a tracert on all 4 hosting providers. Webhosting.com.sg and hostsg.com both required 15 hops from where I am before I arrived at their servers

That left vodien.com and usonyx.net. Both of them just required 13 hops from where I am.

Now I started to price comparison.

One particular pacckage by Vodien.com is going for SGD$8 has the following configuration

  • 5 gb space
  • 999 mysql database
  • php 5 support
  • unlimited domain add ons
  • cpanel

Another corresponding package by usonyx.net is going for SGD$8 has the following configuration

  • 5gb space
  • 2 mysql database
  • php 5 support
  • 1 domain add ons
  • plesk

Also it seems the portfolio of Vodien.com is quite strong with all the major education institutions on board.It seems Vodien.com is the clear choice to go for.

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