taking the plunge into cloud sourcing

I have been considering a possibility for the longest time now but neither had the opportunity nor the inclination to test out its feasibility. However due to the recent resource constrains faced coupled with the fast turn around time required, I am thus left in need for alternatives to what is currently available at hand.

Today, just for the sake of testing out the feasibility of this method, I decided to take a simple stand alone use case from amongst one of my clients’ many requirements and throw it to the cloud to see what I get. Surprisingly response I received thus far were extremely positive. I managed to take a look at some of the portfolios made available by my would be suppliers and was pretty impressed by some of their work.

I will leave it to bake for a few more days while I get the design out from Talia (another great graphics designer which I believe I will enjoy working with in the long run) and have it approved by the client. Meanwhile, as I have discussed with Steven the other day, I should really start focusing my efforts on how to get my message across to the other end of the communications channel effectively to facilitate an international outsourcing operation.

Perhaps once the design is out and approved by the client, I will subscribe to this gotomeeting.com service that has been so frequently used by my counter parts in India. I believe whilst it will result in fixed monthly subscription bills, the cost should be marginal compared to the potential cost savings I will received in the long run.

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