Reflections for the morning

A purely functional approach to solving a user problem tends to lead to an overall disjointed user experience. A purely experiential approach to solving a user problem tends to lead to an unruly infrastructure that becomes harder and harder to maintain overtime.

The discipline is to explore the different alternatives to tease out the intersection that best satisfies form and function at each crossroad of a product’s development.

The second order constrain is the trade off between time/resources and variants explored.

The third order constrain is the utilization of time to build capababilty to translate resources to number of variants to be explored.

Time is thus the highest order constrain to building a strong solid foundation. Trees that grow taller and has denser trunks tend to have a longer time maturity. A by-product is their fire resistance. The sequoia tree avoids unnecessary extravagance but conserves all its energy to grow quietly, adamantly and deeply to achieve a majestic presence overtime.

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