Reflections on constructing virtuous cycles applications with higher order heuristics

When explaining to Jan at the overstay hostel on the application of meditation this morning, it occurries to me the possibility of applying higher order heuristics to form virtuous chains which can be latter form into cycles.

Below is an example of a simple virtuous cycle constructed based on 3 higher order heuristics I have across and am familiar with.

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Reasoning from first principles
  3. Application of the 80/20 rule
  4. Application of small wins to build new habit cycles

Heuristic 1 brings to awareness background processes running in the head that are currently hogging on to CPU cycles.

Heuristics 2 allows for critical examination and possible termination of identified background process.

Heuristics 3 states that attaining fluency in a domain requires only 20% of the effort while attaining mastery in the domain takes up 80%.

Heuristics 4 states that it is possible to construct exercises to train the mind towards fluency in a new domain with the spare CPU capacity freed up by heuristic 2.

Thereafter one goes back to heuristics 1 to repeat the reprogramming iteration.

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