LA trip to visit Johnson

  • Textile and clothing companies need to forecast demand to reduce inventory cost
  • Building a team is the most important thing
  • in times of volatility buy put options on VIX and long Gold
  • Small business owners
    • are supporters of protecting US businesses against intellectual property theft by Chinese companies
    • consider Chinese company methods of manipulating accounting statements fraudulent
    • consider news reported in major news networks to be fake
    • consider Democrats to have given away to many privileges to other countries thereby putting the US economy at a disadvantage
  • Real estate development
    • ┬áBulk of building materials are imported from China and subjected to taxation
    • put on hold until trade war is over to avoid incurring tariffs as production cost
  • Real estate hard money loans
    • usual fees
      • 2% transaction fee
      • 10% annual interest rates
    • Preferred customer fees
      • 1% transaction fee
      • 9-10% annual interest rates

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