Working on Singapore Rental and setting up the master mind group – think and grow rich

I call it coincidence really. It all started out when Satheesh my buddy got himself involved with the MBA challenge and I popped him the idea of setting up a blog to garner more support from the online community.

Before we know it by a stroke of serependity, his site got all the way up to no 1 on the google search engine. Yes and it was time for a little celebration.

One thing lead to another, before we knew it he got me introduced to Jim who wanted to get more leverage for his existing website The site has been around for years. If taking the analogue of wines for example. This particular one has been bottled, stored and is now ready to serve. It has huge potential I see that, most especially with what the government is trying to do right at the moment.

Jim has been most helpful with his pointers and advises. I believe it is such the case having read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill when a group of people come together in harmony to collaborate, there will be synergy and their rate of growth will be spurred on. Already Jim has provided me with some really useful insights with regards to SEO, thus further adding to the initial arsenal that Steven from Futureworkz has been so kind to provide me with.

Today Jim pointed me to this blog post which is really useful with regards to search engine optimization. While I have already done 25% of what is on the list for my existing client. I can now provide even more service and values to them. Thanks Jim!