I will kill 75 Singapore Dogs and they will die on the 17th of May

Social loathing is a proven phenomena that happens when lots  of people get together. What is social loathing? A simple example is this.

If one person exerts an effort 5 newton of work is done
If another person exerts an equal amount of effort 4 newton of work gets done

Logically speaking if both people were to work together to exert their effort, it is not possible to achieve 9 newton of effort. The output will likely range around 6 to 7 newton of effort.

Another example, if a lady were to fall in a deserted area where there is only one other person around, the chances of this person coming forth to provide aid is 75% and the chances of this fallen person receiving aid is 75%.

However if a lady were to fall in a crowded area where there are hundreds of other people around, the chances each person will come forth to provide aid will be 5% (majority assumes that someone else will step forth) and the chances of this fallen person receiving aid is actually lower than 75%.

A few days ago I received a message from Kirk stating that twenty or more dogs will be put to sleep on the 13th of May 2010 if no one step forth to adopt them by then. The reason of their death is because the owner of the pet shop they were kept at decided to run off due to financial difficulties . These dogs were left to fend for themselves, it was simply not possible. The only option thus was for them to all be put to sleep if no one came to adopt them by the 13th of May 2010.

This situation fitted perfectly with the illustration provided by the analogy of the lady falling in the middle of the shopping mall. The owner who should have a 75% chance of feeling responsible fled the scene thereby creating a situation where there is only us people who will only have an average of 5% chance of feeling responsible on the scene.

After I received the message from Kirk, I did a logical calculation. It was simply not possible for me to adopt a dog without causing a major commotion at home. The chances of me actually taking action to adopt a dog is thus 5% if not lesser. I instead forwarded this message to some of my friends. However the forwarding of this message is beside the point. From a moral point of view it does not in any way alleviate the sense of guilt I should be feeling thus.

The main point I am driving at is that we are all potentially very selfish and cruel at heart. Let me state the most optimal premise where this inherent selfishness and cruelty in us will most likely show.

  • When the living  being who is to be the receiptient of the pain, torture and potential lost of life is far removed from all of us.
  • When the relationship between the act of causing pain and suffering on this unfortunate recipient and the resultant pain and suffering felt by this unfortunate recipient is vague and far removed
  • When the person enforcing the pain and suffering has more pressing and urgent matters to attend to, such as appeasing the demands of an authoritative figure. (your boss or client perhaps? :P)

The perfect proof for the validity my argument is the Milgram experiment an experiment conducting shortly after the end of world war 2 to find out how was it possible that so many Jewish were exterminated by the Nazi’s and no one involved bothered to step up and do something about it.

Back to my argument, speaking from a practical point of view,  I should just do what I did, simply forwarding the message on and assume someone else will come forth and adopt the dogs. The responsibility is not mine anyway it is too troublesome to save a life.

However from a moral point of view, I did what I did with the deep down knowledge that I will be cursed for even ever harbouring the thought that something material could be worth even more than precious life itself, even worst acting upon it without a second thought.

I am going to hell. Hell cant be that bad a place. If there is any consolation at all it is at least filled with drugs sex and alcohol. And also see all of you there too. We are all Nazi’s at heart. Hail Hitler for that! Alright people hurl me your verbal abuses and send me hate letters if you will.I will gladly accept them, even laughing merrily when I read them.

However if you are seriously not convinced by my lame argument about how great hell is and would really like to stay out of that horrible place with a special seat all reserved for you by the devil himself , then please Pasir Ris Pet Farm Kennel 9 and save as much dogs as you can.


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