Turning sand to stone

Recently I started to realize the nature of the path I have been threading upon has shifted. More and more am I faced with tasks that require through put of more than 24 hours effort within a span of 24 hours. I started to feel strongly the limitations to being just one man.Strangely too, I started unknowingly to gather around myself a band of comrades in my conquest.

This gradual shift in the path I am threading on has slowly but surely forced me into another paradigm. No longer can I consider solving a problem when I encounter it as an acceptable method to resolve issues. Half the time, I might not even be the person handling the issue and facing the problem when it happens. This really brought the need for me to really sit and consider things thoroughly before attempting to deploy any human resources available at hand to the fields. In a sense it is a tougher job and more draining for the mind than simple physical labour. It felt almost like mentally reaching out to the psychic universe and attempting to knead the ebbs and flows to your wishes before sending your forces out for exploration.

There are a few things that I have been pondering of late. How was it that conquerors could build armies from scratch and grow them into massive forces capable of overrunning entire continents? What was it that inspired the members of these armies to such heights that they were willing to forsake their lives in battle to win a war? What was it that kept the members of these armies together despite proofs written in countless research articles stating that high level of social loafing are bound to exist in places where population density is extremely high?

While these are not important questions that I need answers to at the moment, due to the fact I am still in direct communication with each member of my band of comrades, it will so start becoming a pressing situation when I start to form a heirarchy of more than two tiers for my operational needs.

I guess it is time once again to turn to history, philosophy and religion to search for the answers I am looking for. Many before me had faced themselves with this question, and many of them had came up with their own version of what the answer should be.  To save time, I guess I should not reinvent the wheel.

However one very challenging task faced is the idea of bringing these methods to life. A simple analogy to describe this task is the phrase “when does the extent of technique ends and the realm of art really starts”?

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