Reflections of erroneous trading over the past 48 hours

Market has been pretty volatile in the post and pre market hours. Been automatically buying into the maximum possible over priced positions during the non-market hours or immediately at the start of market.

Rectified action

When buy signal is generated during the prior day in 3 month time frame

  • Company operates within my circle of competence
  • RSI was ever less than 30 during this period of dip
  • MACD has crossed over positive
  • $.VIX is below 15

To mitigate intraday noise, enter into position in the last hour of the trading day, between 1130am to 1pm period when market prices have stabilized for the day and the spreads are narrow.

To stop the practice of programming trading action into system the prior night.

Ok to skip buying into position if price has advanced above buying range. It’s much better to have erred on omission than to have erred on mis-execution.

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