taking a leap of faith

Johnson my cousin once told me during our drinking session that faith is a very important element in any business venture. You can always go about gathering as much information as you can, do as much research as you want, at the end of the day there will always exist a gap between what you already know and where you want to be.

Within a few days after taking a leap of faith and testing out this new methodology for my operations, the problem I am pondering over now has shifted from “where to look for quality human resource” to “how to more effectively collaborate and communicate with the available human resources“.

Already I am having some semi-concrete notions of how to segregate work and minimize the turn around time for each development project that comes through the pipeline.

The problem of work segregation inevitably lead me to recall one particular module I took during my days in the National University of Singapore. Every week I would attend a lecture pertaining to the subject called Discrete Mathematics and each time after the 2 hour lecture, I would feel totally drained out mentally.

One of the problems posed by the professor during one of these lectures was the issue of countability. There are infinite numbers between 0 to 10, but there are finite number of integers between 0 to 10.

Suppose given a range of problems, and each problem is metaphorically represented by the numbers that exist between 0 to 1, there will then be no end to the amount of solutions required to solve all the problems between 0 to 10.

Suppose metaphorically speaking if we are able to impose units in terms of integers on this range of problems between 0 to 10, we could effectively solve all the problems within this range by supplying in 11 solutions.

Out of the metaphorically realm and back into this real world, suppose we are able to take any programming question and segregate it into discrete units, in this instance we will thus be able to count the number of solutions we will potentially require to solve this programming question.

If the above assumption is true (which actually is if you take each unit to represent a use case scenario) and further assuming there are unlimited human resources available (or some what close to unlimited) then we will theoretically be able to engage each unit of human resource to one use case. Suppose there exist not dependencies between any use cases, this would mean that a programming problem of a 1000 use cases could in actual fact be solved within the period required to solve just one use case.

Theoretically speaking, this seems to be a sound and workable solution, however I am now still keeping my fingers crossed. Who knows what kind of exception might happen in this system which I have thus far envisioned in my mind and am slowly weaving into reality.

time to drop it

This afternoon when I stepped out of the train after 3 long sessions meeting with different clients, I felt somewhat weird. While the train was on its way heading towards Clementi, my subconscious mind spoke to me. It emitted this sense of danger, call it spider sense if you will. I started looking inwards, after a short while I managed to identify the source of this wrongness.

During this recent spate of hectic schedule, I was unconsciously blind siding myself by developing tunnel vision and I knew it could get potentially very dangerous. My brain due to the recent overload of external stimuli had kicked itself  into overdrive mode  (the general direction of my tunnel vision) . This is causing my recent inability to sleep. This inability to sleep further compounded my excessive brain activity. It was a vicious cycle. I was literally walking around like an highly animated zombie during day time in an unnatural state of prolonged hung over.

Pasha a few days ago while we were doing some discussions in the west coast park noted this drastic decrease in my recent span of attention and also this tunnel vision of mine.  I have to admit that is the truth. Information is just slipping off my mind before I could even register it to my memory. In fact there have been more than a few occasions, when I experienced serious time lag when attempting to retrieve from my brains facts and information that should have been at my finger tips at any single time (talk about trying to recall what your own name is, haha!). There are increasingly more occasions when I develop this tunnel vision and enter a state of fixation.

Jim while driving my back to his place to discuss about his website pointed out to me, the time lag I had registering “contest” as “contest” instead of “content” during our IMH presentation. Damned! I should have consulted a doctor while I was there at IMH today. 😛

Hmmm, actually the part about me bringing up the fact that they once had their Hawaiian themed annual dinner and dance at the Expo really got them disoriented. I play my little pranks sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

Back to this issue about my insomnia, I think I got Satheesh really annoyed with it today. Opps. sorry my friend.

Hmmmm… I need to find a solution to it soon.

A possibility to this is taking a long break. I mentioned to Jim while I was in the car that I was intending of taking a two months break in some cheap 3rd world countries with no internet or communications facilities and live under 100usd per month after these current projects of mine finished.

While Jim brought up a valid point about the possibility of me losing lots of business in the process. In this case, it is two against one.

Pasha advised that if I go on anymore like this, something irreparable will break.

Dad has been admonishing me with this statement over and over again recently. “Son, make money for yourself and not for the doctors. ”

Now that Alena is out of the picture and is nicely fending for herself, there is really no reason for my continued presence around on this tiny red dot. Ricky was joking just the other day about this.

“It was weird what happened to you while you started hanging around her two years ago. Now that she is out of the picture, I think you will be getting back to your normal self soon enough. It was even amazing you stayed with her for so long, two long years. It was breaking the guineas world record man. The only other girl that I know of that even got close was just 2 months and you didn’t even see that girl more than once a week. Haha ”

I think for my health, I should really start making provisions for this long over due break of mine. I need to get my spiritual center back.

Joomla 1.5 Cloud sourcing continued

My first experience with cloud sourcing proves to be quite positive. Within minutes of uploading my technical specifications of one particular Joomla 1.5 module to the net, I got multiple bids placed on this project. Bids can mainly be placed into a few groups of people.

  1. American!!! (surprisingly)
  2. Indians
  3. Chinese
  4. Eastern Europeans of Slavic origins

One thing I notice across the board within each  group is this

Americans try to hard sell their service attempting to by pass the use of the system in the process. The main thing that worries me is the fact I don’t really feel confident they actually read my technical specifications before they tried hard selling their service. Their rates are generally  higher than group 3 and 4.

Indians try their method of selling their services too. Interestingly their prices are generally the most expensive of the lot. These are mainly Indian companies and not individuals. They mainly talk about how great their companies are. In the process they bombard me with tons of information which I do not find relevant at all to my technical requirements. (why are they talking to me about asp.net, when Joomla is the only thing I am interested in at the moment?) Being somewhat impatient as I am when I cannot find anything pertaining to my technical specifications in their responses, I skipped through the whole lot of them and proceeded to the next bidders in line.

The Chinese are very emotional and enthusiastic, their prices are comparable to group 4. One thing that worried me is how them expressed themselves in English. They didn’t really sound very fluent in them. Nothing was addressed with regards to the details of my technical specifications.

Finally there are the Eastern Europeans. One important thing to note is the fact they don’t hard sell at all. In fact, one of them a Russian jumped the gun, by offering the lowest bid and started working on the problem anywayz. He did a very good job and I am very satisfied with his work.

taking the plunge into cloud sourcing

I have been considering a possibility for the longest time now but neither had the opportunity nor the inclination to test out its feasibility. However due to the recent resource constrains faced coupled with the fast turn around time required, I am thus left in need for alternatives to what is currently available at hand.

Today, just for the sake of testing out the feasibility of this method, I decided to take a simple stand alone use case from amongst one of my clients’ many requirements and throw it to the cloud to see what I get. Surprisingly response I received thus far were extremely positive. I managed to take a look at some of the portfolios made available by my would be suppliers and was pretty impressed by some of their work.

I will leave it to bake for a few more days while I get the design out from Talia (another great graphics designer which I believe I will enjoy working with in the long run) and have it approved by the client. Meanwhile, as I have discussed with Steven the other day, I should really start focusing my efforts on how to get my message across to the other end of the communications channel effectively to facilitate an international outsourcing operation.

Perhaps once the design is out and approved by the client, I will subscribe to this gotomeeting.com service that has been so frequently used by my counter parts in India. I believe whilst it will result in fixed monthly subscription bills, the cost should be marginal compared to the potential cost savings I will received in the long run.

Process innovation will create a strong barrier to entry for businesses in the 21st Century

Recently, I start pondering the chasm that exists between what the sales team promises the clients and what is technically feasible by the operations teams given the resource constrains. This is not a new question, but one that surfaces from time to time during my discussions with countless people working within IT companies.

The first time this question surfaced was more than 8 years ago when I was just in the midst of stepping into the IT service provider arena. The name is Patrick. He was then studying in NUS in the school of computing and had teamed up with a few of his ex-classmates from his polytechnic to start an IT company. One of his two chief sources of headaches then was the problem of the sales man over promising the client in order to clinch the deal and thereby leaving the technical team to deal with the issue of implementation. This issue coupled with the second of headache of excessive scope creeping by the client often lead to projects handled by his company falling from the profitable regions to the regions that are down right unprofitable. He soon closed down his IT Company. The last time I met him, he was working as an employee in one of the government run business entities. Whilst it may not be what he had intended prior to his graduation from NUS, he no longer had to deal with the problems he faced when he was venturing in a start up.

A few months back I managed to sit down with Mathew Noble who is currently working in SQL Star. SQL star is an IT company that specializes in Microsoft Sharepoint projects that are mid ranged in size, with projects normally ranging from $50,000 to $80,000. Interestingly what I managed to glean from Noble during our coffee session together was the fact that SQL Star has a very strict and well defined standard operating procedure set in place for its entire staff to adhere to. This has enabled SQL Star to maintain a project success rate of 95%, impressively higher than the market average success rate of 50% for projects this size.

He did share some of the procedures that his company’s sales staff and technical staff engage in prior to the pre-sales phase of and IT project. There are high levels of interaction between the sales staff and the technical staff during this phase of the project. The sales staff does commit huge amounts of effort in the pre-sales phase to work on potential clients to bring them from the phase of being potential prospects to the phase of closing. Often towards the latter phase of this process conflict occurs between the sales team and the technical staff team. It mainly occurs when the technical team does a feasibility check after having acquired feedback from the sales team the client expectations of the potential project. The sales staff having spent lots of effort to work on this prospect is eager to close the deal, whilst the technical team states clearly what is about to be promised by the sales staff to the potential client is not feasible. Often in this scenario, the sales team differs to the technical team, and the sales staff is thereafter delegated to work on another potential lead. SQL star thus manages to ensure quality and fast turn around time for their projects thereby profitability.

Once during a drinking session with a close friend of mine, he brought up the subject of dropping the use of the off shore development center he has been working closely with for close to the the past 10 years. The main reason was because he finally lost his patience with them. His complaints were mainly the fact that sales staff from this off-shore company attempts to promise everything within the job scope all the time and more often than not above and beyond what was asked for. Had this off-shore company delivered what was promised, this friend of mine would have been an extremely happy man. However such is usually not the case. What often happens thereafter is pro-longed delay to the delivery of the required scope and at times only 20% delivery of what was promised. My friend remains a very unsatisfied person thus.

My brother on occasions when we have the chance to hold discussions does reveal some of the knowledge he acquired while being in the same trade as I did. The main difference between him and me is the fact that he has always been working within a corporate environment where the technical team and the sales team are two different groups of people. One of the main things he sometimes mentioned during our discussions is the need to keep the sales team in check so as to avoid unnecessary and sometimes damaging over promises by the sales team to the clients. Such scenarios often lead to contingencies in the midst of the operating process.

Such a thought was also expressed by the current Chief Marketing Officer of Huelabs, an IT company that specializes in education software. The last time we met, this company was rapidly expanding overseas to Dubai, Australia and parts of Europe under the guidance of this CMO. He always states “a company will not die from starvation, but will definitely die from indigestion.”

This dichotomy in philosophy could not have shown itself better than these two recent projects I had the chance to come into contact with. The first project is one that is worth a few hundred times the salary of an average working adult in Singapore. The essence of what happened in this project could be surmised in this statement by the project manager from the client’s side “just between you and me and off the records, the sales team has been lying to me since day one. What was built does not even conform to what we wanted.”

While it is too harsh to call what the sales man did as lying, I would rather express it as failure by the sales man in the management of client expectations, thus leading to unrealistic expectations by the client.

The status of this project has since fell from the profitable range into the reds for the vendor IT Company.

The second project was a pretty challenging one as the client company had more financial muscles than the vendor IT Company. The truly fortunate situation that occurred is the fact the project manager had the strong support of the company director and that the both of them stepped in prior to the sales closing of the project. Attempts had been made by these two individuals to ensure expectations of both parties were realistic prior to project commencement. The project manager was deeply involved with communications with the end users of the client company. In the process, he managed to identify potential pitfalls and steered the project clear of them, thus far keeping the project within the profitable region.

Based on so many examples I have had the chance to come across it seems that while the end products remain almost similar in nature what truly ensures the successful completion of a project has really a lot to do with the process that runs within the existing company.

Thinking back now to the statement made by one of the consultants who conducted one of the courses I took back in NUS, it is very true indeed. Product innovations and process innovations both take place within an organization. Knowledge about a product can be easily diffused out of a company and quickly copied by a rival company who there after produces a rival product. Knowledge about a process remains large tacit and has difficulty in terms of adoption by rival companies. In that sense, in the 21st century arena where information flow is so rapid, the true edge that a business can create over its competitors is not in terms of product innovation but in terms of process innovation. This is in line with the factors that result in the dominance of UPS and Wal-mart in their own markets.

A reality check and the discovery of one huge gap

After hitting the recent brick wall repeatedly over and over again, I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I am doing something seriously wrong in the business processes I am handling at the moment (or to such an extent of being absolutely ignorant to the existance of them). The fact I have no idea where I did wrong was extremely frustrating. It is to such an extent I have been lying in bed staring at the ceiling brooding over this matter for countless nights. I will not allow for the possibilities of defeat in this mission of mine.

I came back home from my day outside feeling utterly drained from my committments at work. I unrolled my tatami and laid down attempting to catch a few winks. It was for a lost cause. I tossed & turned and finally gave up on sleeping altogether let the sleep debt accumulate, I will pay my debts at a later date.

I was once again unable to catch hold of Amba to discuss an upcoming project happening on Steven’s side. From the absence of a quotation from their side thus far, I deduced the method in which I choose to draft the requirements did not provide them the level of clarify they needed. I needed to find out the truth for myself.

Pasha arrived at my place. Since his laptop was out for repairs we had to postpone official matters to the day after. We left for dinner shortly and headed over to the beach for a talk. Pasha proved insightful and gave good advice in some matters pertaining to future expansion. In a sense I could always dig his mind for insights pertaining into such matters. I wonder if this quality of his was due to his PHD training or was it due to this quality of his that resulted in him finally finishing his PHD training.

He tried to provide encouragement to boost my morale. I give him thanks for his effort, however what I really needed was not a morale booster, I had no problems in that department. What I seriously needed was honest straight in your face criticism. I needed some waking up, I needed terribly to see the light. In that department though I found no answer, we parted shortly after and I continued brooding on this subject on my way back home.

If there was any consolation from this day, I had at least ensured that matters pertaining to Company A has been delegated to one capable of handling the part of the process it is currently in. All human resources required from now to the end of the entire process has been accounted for.

Company B is one of my worries. Prior to the initiation of the project, I had some reservations about the human resouce allocated to the task. 2 weeks into the commencement of the developement, it was proven beyond a doubt, my initial suspicions were not unfound. Alas, it is now imperative we arrange for another human resource to fulfill the requirements of that role.

Company C is experiencing complications that arose due to miscommunications isses. I am currently pondering on the methodology that will need to be put in place to ensure against such miscommunications in the future. It will be a painful process for all involved. In a sense, buidling a business model is like building a lego block, the integrity of each block must be ensured for the stability of the eventual architecture.

Company D, E and F are in already in the pipeline. I envision the need to enforce the same methodology used in Company C on these three as well to ensure the proper operations.

I arrived home at 2am in the morning, apparently brother was still awake. This night is one of those rare occasions when we talked about work. And then it happened. God is most kind indeed, it offers blessings to those ready for it. I finally got the harsh and yet honest criticism I have been searching high and low for over the past two weeks. From my brother. This is one of those good thing (or bad depending on the situation) about having a sibling who always extremely practical about work and skeptical when it comes to opportunities. You can always trust him to systemtically identify all potential pits falls that will likely exist in an idea, but never ever harbour even the most remote hope of him acting on an idea he comes across however even remotely plausible.

Apparently he has began formal training in that specific branch of knowledge which I have use for at the moment. Even better, I suddenly had the whole framework I so badly needed delivered to me on a sliver platter. Haha. god is kind to he who seeks! (ask and you shall recieve)

Once again, I shall do what I do best , jump right into the deepest end of the swimming pool and start learning how to swim or drown trying. Immersion course, boot camp, crash course whatever you call it.

hilarious nonsense and the failure to be classified

It was just past midnight and I was sitting outside club Attica drinking from my bottle of Heineken.

Suddenly, from where abouts I have no idea of, I  popped this question to those two sitting right beside me “have you ever made a green shooting star? ”

They looked at me totally puzzled.

“Green shooting star?”

“Oh Yes! green shooting star” I insisted. Laughing away maniacly at myself.

“What the hell is that?”

“Alrite I am gonna show you later” I replied in my drunken stupor.

Nash soon walked off with looking for chics. His was quite a profitable venture too, he soon brought back two of them. I was by then on the verge of finishing my bottle of heineken.

I finished the last sip from my bottle of heineken, I once again popped the question but this time to the two new comers.

“Have you ever saw a green shooting stars? ”

“What?” they responded puzzled once again.

“Alrite let me show you”

I stood up then and flung the green empty bottle of heinken across to the far side of the river.

“Now you see green shooting stars. Hahahaha!” I burst out laughing incapable of controlling my mirth.

While Nash and this other dude with a cool looking goatie laughed along. Those two new comers looked at me in the weirdest way possible then and walked off.

“Sigh. Some jokes are just too hard to get” I exclaimed and kept laughed away oblivious to everything around me.

Interestingly, this is not the first time. We have this inherent urge within us to classify everything. In a sense, such an act provides us with a false sense of comfort and security in this otherwise anarchical reality of ours. The same thing goes too with our dealings with other individuals whom we see for the first time.

It is generally true for us to harbour prejudices towards a stranger whom we met for the first time. And this prejudice is often based on something external and superficial such as looks, hair style, height, built, race, clothing accessories. It is just amazing how fast we form this prejudice. Our synapses just forms it within the wink of an eye and it suddenly becomes our overriding reality without any concious decision making on our part. This just goes on to show how suggestible we truly are as humans.

On the other side of the coin, take an instance whereby your prejudiced is immediatlely shattered by a strongly contradictory evidence that shortly presents this prejudice is formed. That really leaves you with two options. The first is to simply ignore the new evidences available and go about the current reality that you have already created for yourself. The second is throw what you think you knew of the world out of the window and relearn everything from scratch.

The defining difference between people who choose the second option over the first option, is their level of openness to change. In some literature, this is one defined as one of the main characteristics of a person live a happy and carefree life despite the fact that 2012 and the end of the world might be coming to theaters near you. Haha!

The importance of knowledge management within an organization

Lawrence dropped by at my place this evening, he had some issues with a few of his software packages he apparently had problems solving. In the name of  friendship, I solved it for him. It took but a while.

I was asking about his recently operations and soon realized that he was being extremely occupied of late. Majority of the problem revolves around available resources (time Lawrence has available to him) not capable of existing supporting needs (requirements of his customers)

The secondary problem revolved around the inefficiency of information transfer based on the current most predominant long distance channels of communication, namely voice conversation and text email messages.

Suddenly it occurred to me, that a lack of proper knowledge management system might be a contributing source to his problem. He expressed that supposed he got sick one day and one of his colleagues had to take over his duties, that colleague would be suddenly lost in the midst of a strange environment his is not aware of. He said he had the same problems as well when he first took over the duties of one of his colleagues who departed to join another company.

Also there would have been no need for him to drop by at my place had he been able to effectively transfer his knowledge of the problems he was facing to me via traditional channels of communication.

Thinking back, I realized it was such a waste of the time to have to travel from one place to the next to convey a message simply because long distance communications failed.

Further pondering on this issue of knowledge transfer, it suddenly occurred to me weren’t there multiple instances of developers (me inclusive) around wasting more time than they should because of failure in the knowledge transfer process? To draw a simple example from my experience, there were in deed a few times when I had to commit hours to solve a problem that had already been solved by another of my colleague simple because his knowledge of how to solve the problem could not be effectively transferred to be. Had the transfer been successful I would have to waste tons of time attempting to figure out the solution to a problem and he would not have to waste the same amount of time attempting to guide me through the problem over the phone in real time.

What if there is a knowledge repository over the internet where people could go to for detailed instructions of how to solve their problems? What if someone could solve a problem once and thereafter have his knowledge effectively packaged, stored and there after transmitted to the people who need it without as ambiguity?

There have been past attempts to do so over the internet with the use of forums. However, ambiguity often results due to the difference in the way a message was encrypted in words for storing and thereafter decrypted from these same words for usage. The only site that came close to fulfilling this function over the internet thus far is YouTube which is actually becoming quite popular as a self learning tool used by many.

Just for experimentations sake, and partially due to the inspiration I acquired from my reading of the book “the world is flat”,  during my next IT project, I will attempt to engage a friend in India to aid me in the development of a few functions and components on Joomla. If this method which I envision to use to further promote effective long distance communications works, I might have for myself a viable outsourcing model. Then again fingers crossed.

A very familiar prose

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

After many years, I can finally across the above again, this time while reading through the book Dune by Frank Herbert at page 6. The first time I did so was when I went sky diving in New Zealand. There is really great truth to be found in this 8 sentences. Even Sun Tze ever spoke about it, though in another form, popularly known as Sun Tze’s death ground theory.

Take away all the gimmicks that has been flooding the time and space of our age and the underlying wisdom remains unchanged through the ages.  In a sense, as a species though we might have made advancement in terms of science and technology, we did not really progress in terms of other arena.

Then again the advancement in terms of science and technology is much debateable, historians has made findings that hinted at the existance of technologically advanced civilisations that existed prior to ours.

Maybe we have been and will always be doomed to go around in this meaningless cycle. Well at least if there is any consolation to be had from this time and age, we could at least be happy with the fact that unlike those who past before us, we have the ipod and blackberry to keep us entertained while the merry go round continues.

Huge influx of opportunites and the hidden opportunity cost

Suddenly I experienced a surge in the amount of opportunities coming my way these few weeks. Being faithful to the teachings in the topic of Economy during my times in the commerce faculty back in Junior college and in the stream of electronic commerce  back while I was doing my honours in the university, I understood and felt strongly the other side of the equation.

Opportunity cost!

Opportunity cost is defined as the lost incurred when you forego the next best alternative in the process of deciding on one of the available opportunities.

Let me talk in layman terms for your better understanding. Suppose one day you decide to spend 5 hours of your time reading a book in the library instead of spending those 5 hours sitting by the beach and reading the same book. The opportunity cost to you in this situation is the joy you feel when you sit by the beach. In this scenario, the cost is hard to quantify.

Let me illustrate for you a better example which I will draw from a real life situation.

Client A approaches me presenting before me a deal that could potentially make $4000. It requires an upfront investment of my real time of 80 hours. (as opposed to virtual time – aka asynchronous delay or some one else’s time) There exist 2% chance of complications happening. (this we will define as risk)

Client B approaches me at the same time presenting me another deal that could potentially make $10,000. It requires an upfront investment of my real time of 300 hours. (as opposed to virtual time – aka asynchronous delay or some one else’s time) There exist 10% chance of complications happening. (this we will define as risk)

As both clients came to me at the same time in need of my real time immediately, I am now faced with a situation whereby I will need to choose one and forego the other. To a normal person, he would very likely choose the deal that offers $10,000. However on closer inspection, the second deal is not actually a very good deal as compared to the other.

Let me work out the mathetics

Total likely incurrable man hours for deal A – 80 hours X 1.02 = 82 hours
Total revenue receivable $4000
Actual hourly rate for real time sold = $48.5

Total likely incurrable man hours for deal B – 300 X 1.05 = 315 hours
Total revenue receivable $10,000
Actual hourly rate for real time sold = $31.75

Some might explain that the lower rate justifies for the large sum of potential revenue receiveable in deal A. Ok then lets do the math for the other part of the equation still left invisible.

Given this active period in the market, the percentage of closing more deals simlar to A in nature is around 60%. Translated into hours it would be estimated at  (315-82 hours) * 0.60 = 140 hours

Appling the prevailings rates in deal A to this equation, I will get 140hours X 48.5 = $6,790

So if I choose to take up deal A and forego deal B, below are the mathematics:

I will have saved [315 – (140+82 )] 93 hours of my precious time and still potentially make [$10,790 – $10,000] $790 more.

Also since, I have a few channels which I could devote my time to build up recurring  income, this 93 hours extra time available at my disposal could thus be used to expose myself to the effects of the positive black swan, with zero opportunity cost incurred by me. So basically, the net comparison will be as per below :

[$10,790 +++ versus $10,000 nett]

Actually the equation that brought me to the conclusion of never getting myself employed into a full time job and a fix salary per month is almost similar to this. Get employed with a fix salary of $3000 per month and the possible financial situation you will be facing for the next 12 months will likely be

($3,000 X 12 ) = $36, 000 —

  • The minus sign is just in case your boss decides to fire your ass before the year ends.
  • also your maximum potential income has been capped at $36,000

Go about living life as a free bird

$0+++ = ???

  • Don’t worry God is kind
  • you normally won’t die from what you already, it is usually what you don’t know that will kill you.
  • You know what is your base but your upper boundary has no limits!

Life is great live free!!!!!